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Basic concepts

aerZ2Dj_460sWe are fundamentally unhappy with the society we live in. We want to change it.

But how?

By and large, we realize that what we have to do is get rid of all the negative aspects that frustrate us – the threat of unemployment, the growing numbers of working poor that are barely able to make ends meet, the sheer arbitrariness of employers who can easily throw out any hired worker whenever they please, the corruption of government, the helplessness of common people in capitalist courts, the police brutality, drug trafficking and prostitution, the progressing degradation of the masses, etc. Continue reading

Mastering Marxism Independently

We believe that to master the theory of Marxism properly, it is necessary to go through several stages of training.

The first stage is to free your head from all sorts of delusions and myths introduced by bourgeois propaganda that has been going on in the country for more than 25 years (speaking of the exUSSR states). That is why on our site there is a section “Questions and Answers“, where the editors of the site try to clarify and refute all the most important bourgeois myths that exist in our society. This section will be constantly updated with new answers, as all kinds of questions from  workers keep coming  to the site’s editorial board and we answer them publicly so that as many workers as possible could read these answers.

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