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Mandatory masks on patients is sabotage, not “caring about people”

bringing-patients-back-to-the-doctors-office-after-covid-19Unfortunately, it is now safe to say that practically the entire “left-wing” movement of the Russian Federation has actively joined in on assisting the feigning of a “pandemic” of a scientifically undefined disease “COVID-19”, carried out by the authorities. By doing so, they completely exposed their imitative nature: in their rhetoric, lefties use “near-Marxist” terminology and oppose the authorities, but in practice, they fully support the fascist initiative of the authorities, discredit the proud ranks of Marxists and Communists, and undermine the very foundations of the revolutionary labor movement. The Tyumen-based (Translator’s note: Tyumen is a city in Western Siberia) interregional association “Molot” (“Hammer”) was no exception, working hard to spread the coronavirus lies. Continue reading

The governing crisis

fh0m1JQmgAMMarxist-Leninist Workers’ Movement (MLWM) “Work Way” has already repeatedly published analytics of the so-called “quarantine measures”, proving their complete inadequacy, and the fact that legally they are null and void. It should be noted that previously the Russian authorities hadn’t really pointed out any particular references to the legality of their actions, appealing mainly to the governmental and expert authority.

This time, however, the authorities decided to finally refer to the legality of their actions, namely, to the legality of the introduction of the so-called “mandatory mask-wearing” in a number of regions of the Russian Federation: indefinitely extended and mandatory for all wearing of medical masks in public places. This mandatory mask-wearing, because of its complete and obvious absurdity, caused confusion and mass disobedience among the country’s population (which was to be expected). Continue reading

On standards of living under socialism and capitalism

KnHlwDiscussions dedicated to this topic are very popular in our society. But the opponents normally only talk about specific figures, discussing salaries, general earnings and expenses of the population, completely forgetting the main question – what the phrase “standard of living” actually means?

Contemporary dictionaries cannot properly explain this term, because, first of all, they separate it from such terms as “level of prosperity” and “quality of life”, creating unnecessary entities and not allowing to look at the issue in general, and secondly, they try to limit this concept with only talking about material wealth, largely ignoring the non-material side of things. Continue reading

On legality of “quarantine” and on “mathematical modelling” of infectious diseases

law-gavel-legal-halakha-croppedNot so long ago, on April 17, 2020, a reader’s letter called “Lawless and order” was published on our website. Noting the reader’s observation that the Russian authorities have imposed laws that seem to justify the restrictions of social activity of citizens and their basic rights and freedoms, and sharing his indignation, I would like, however, to complement and clarify some of his conclusions. Continue reading

Introduction of mandatory wearing of face masks is null and void

10090Contrary to the persistent “unwillingness” of COVID-19 disease to spread to a scale at least comparable to what is considered an epidemic in terms of evidence-based medicine, the authorities have taken another ridiculous step: a number of regions have introduced the so-called “mandatory mask wearing”. In this regard, the question of legitimacy of this “quarantine measure” immediately arises.

Many Russian citizens, fortunately, understand the absurdity of the current “quarantine measures”, including this one, and quite rightly consider this “measure” to be yet another act of public humiliation and robbery of all and everyone, which the authorities have been imposing on the population. Continue reading

The virus of fascism

0bO0JO_0Pqsd1jf00The Nazis were once corralling inmates into gas chambers under the pretext that there was a bathhouse there and the people needed disinfection before getting settled in barracks.

Around the beginning of the 80s, Nazis did the same in Chile, when they raided and corralled workers into stadiums – “to check housing registration” or “for mass vaccination against fever”. The difference was that in case of the gas chambers only corpses would come out, because it was necessary to ‘dispose of waste material’, i.e. slaves who were no longer able to work, or to cover up the traces of crimes at the end of war. And in case of the Pinochet stadiums, Chilean workers were taken to labour concentration camps, i.e. to perform slave labor at copper mines, coal mines, etc. The U.S. monopolies and the state capitalists of Chile received huge profits from the labor of prisoners.

Isn’t that the direction the global bourgeoisie today is headed, with its new campaign featuring the so-called “coronavirus”? The latest events show that it is indeed the exact same direction. Continue reading

What is freedom of choice?

pepsi-90-classic-coca-cola-or-pepsi-48366738During Perestroika, when there was a massive attack on the minds of Soviet people, the idea of having the right to choose was one of the dominant ones. The arguments of liberals and democrats, who were advocating free market economy, were based exactly on that – on people having the right to choose, something that a person living in a socialist society amidst government planning doesn’t have, they said, because someone from above decides everything and that means your will is being ignored and you don’t have any freedom of choice. At first glance all this demagogy sounds nice and pretty, that’s why many people in the USSR actually bought it. But, in reality, it turned out that behind all those seemingly righteous words there was very rotten content. Now, having lived under capitalism for 30 years, we understand that very well.

So where is the flaw in those arguments and how exactly were the Soviet people fooled back in Perestroika? Continue reading

The new global economic crisis and the new capitalist lie

fghjkIt’s well-known that the bourgeois economic science denies the objective laws of economic development discovered by K. Marx. Its representatives – various experts, economists and political scientists – have spent an incredible amount of energy proving that there are no objective laws of social development, that there are no laws at all that are independent from someone’s will and that are governing the development of the mode of production (in this case, capitalist production); everything that is happening in the society, according to their opinion, including in the economic area, is exclusively the result of people’s will and personal desires, and not just any people, but the special kind of people – only those who are in power and of a high social standing. The rest – the working population, the masses – are not taken into account by the bourgeois political economy. From the point of view of the pocket scientists of the bourgeoisie, those are only a blurred background to the “powers that be” – governors, politicians, businessmen, etc. – and their games. Continue reading

On private property

Hallesche_MaschinenfabrikProbably no concept in human history has been surrounded by such a huge number of myths as private property.

Why is that? Well, the reason is simple, private property is the basis without which human society cannot divide itself into the poor and the rich, i.e. into classes. Classes are large groups of people, some of whom can live happily ever after, almost without working, while others, a much larger group, have to work constantly and barely make ends meet. Continue reading

COVID is everywhere and nowhere at the same time

ertuktrFrom the Editorial Board of Work Way. This article was sent to us by one of our readers. The author’s point of view on the issues considered in the article about the existence of the novel coronavirus SARS-COV2 and the disease called “COVID-19” is not the official position of Work Way’s editorial office, but the arguments and facts presented in the article merit serious consideration.

COVID is everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

I’m going to start discussing the essence of the novel coronavirus SARS-COV2 by looking at this amazing news article.

The remarkable thing about this article is that almost everything that is being said in it gets immediately debunked. See for yourself: Continue reading