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Stalin and the Red Army

Editor’s Note. WP: In honor of the 101st anniversary of the formation of the proletarian Red Army, we offer our readers a curious article about the role of I.V. Stalin in the formation of the Red Army and the victory of the young Soviet republic over the White Guards and foreign interventionists in the civil war of 1918-1922. Its author is Klim Voroshilov, one of the outstanding commanders of the Red Army during the civil war, later – Commissar of Defense of the USSR, Bolshevik, member of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b), Stalin’s loyal ally who met Stalin during the heroic struggle of Soviet workers and peasants against the White Guards and invaders.

We do not doubt that what Voroshilov tells about in his memoirs will be a big surprise for the majority of our readers, including those who have graduated from schools and universities in the USSR. Unfortunately, the Soviet people had no idea of the facts reported by Voroshilov in the 60-80s, So it has been quite a while since counter-revolutionaries began to rewrite the history, it was not during Perestroika or after it, but long before that. Without this, perhaps the history of the USSR could have been completely different.

Voroshilov’s story about Stalin is taken from the book Memoirs about I. V. Stalin, which is being prepared for publication by the editorial and publishing department of the Work Path MLWM (planned for March-April of the current year)


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Towards the Impending War

A matter of great concern today is the superficial and light-minded attitude towards the approaching world war, which we can see both in the left (first of all, the Bolshevized left) and in the working environment. The Kerch conflict on November 25, 2018 between the Russian government and the Ukraine, the subsequent imposition of martial law in the Ukraine, the mutual pull-up of troops, the growth of all weapons in the Donbass region —  all that people seem to be just watching on TV. The guns are already pressed against the ribs of  working people of our countries, and we still think that war is something far off, not in our homeland.

Meanwhile, there are many signs of the last stage of the preparation of a broad regional war. No, so far the Ukrainian and Western oligarchies do not officially declare war on Russia, but yes, we are well aware that it is not necessary to declare a war in order to start one. For 100 years, imperialism has shown that wars are more often something to crawl into, than to join all efforts at once in overwhelming fight  preceded by  diplomatic notes. Regional wars have been flaring up gradually, and the ongoing fifth year of the positional war in the Donbass is just a smoldering ember that can easily be blown to the scale of half of Eurasia.

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On the “Martial Law” in the Ukraine

On November 26, 2018, in the Kerch Strait area, there was a small maritime conflict between the border boats of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation and tug vessels of the Ukrainian Navy. After this conflict and on its formal basis, the Ukrainian government introduced the so-called “martial law” (ML) in the country for a month.

“How should these events be interpreted?” our readers ask us.

First of all, it is worthwhile to remember V. I. Lenin’s words that we all will remain stupid fools in politics, if we do not learn to see the interests of certain social classes underlying these or those events, actions, facts and incidents. This means, in this case, that the maritime conflict did not occur by chance, but was organized by the Ukrainian oligarchy on the instructions of its western “partners” and, possibly, in collusion with a part of the RF biggest bourgeoisie.

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Great October Celebration in the USSR. Newsreel Excerpts

There is a big date coming – 100th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution. But there will certainly be no official celebration on a nationwide scale, neither in Russia, nor abroad. This is not a holiday to make bourgeois authorities happy.

The Russian bourgeoisie has even taken pains to make November 7, 2017 a working day. Not to mention that for many years it has been trying to erase the memory of this great day from the consciousness of our people. It has even invented a special holiday for this – the day of some kind of unity, which, of course, has not become a national holiday, despite the heaps of days off to accompany it.

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Why Call Us Workers’ Movement


Question: You call your website workers’ as well as your movement. This causes a question: what about representatives of intelligentsia and other categories of professionals who are not considered workers, though they are far more in number than workers (like teachers, doctors, drivers, engineers, technicians, experts and so on)? Have they nothing to do with your movement?

Answer: The word “worker” in the name of our movement shows that our movement represents the outlook and class interests of the working class, including its core interests.

Working class (proletariat) is one of the two key social classes of capitalist society.

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Mastering Marxism Independently

We believe that to master the theory of Marxism properly, it is necessary to go through several stages of training.

The first stage is to free your head from all sorts of delusions and myths introduced by bourgeois propaganda that has been going on in the country for more than 25 years (speaking of the exUSSR states). That is why on our site there is a section “Questions and Answers“, where the editors of the site try to clarify and refute all the most important bourgeois myths that exist in our society. This section will be constantly updated with new answers, as all kinds of questions from  workers keep coming  to the site’s editorial board and we answer them publicly so that as many workers as possible could read these answers.

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On the Causes of the USSR Destruction. Answers of WW to some misguided comrades

It is hardly worth saying that the question of the causes of the death of the USSR is still now being discussed in the left and communist movements in Russia and the republics of the former USSR (as well as throughout the world): it is a common knowledge. The question is really important, because the answer to it directly defines the answer to another question – what should the working class  and the working people do next, which way have they to  go, where to move and what to strive for.

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«Belavezha Accords»: How and Why the USSR Was Destroyed

On the 8th of December the working population of former Soviet socialist and now bourgeois republics called to memory a tragic date — another anniversary of signing of the ill-fated Belavezha Accords, by which in a sense the process of the USSR destruction was accomplished and legalized.

The great country, that had been astonishing the whole world with its tremendous success in economy, as well as in politics, and in the social sphere for the 70 previous years, suffered the  final and terminating blow which made the country cease to exist. From that day the USSR became mentioned only in the past tense. And the Soviet people, who had never wished that, proved unable to prevent the process, and they have to pay for their weakness up to the present.

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