The Great Coronavirus Hoax

regnum_picture_1539248352108566_normalThe life of literally every member of our society has recently changed drastically. These changes are related to “quarantine measures” which are supposed to suppress the threat of the deadly coronavirus COVID-19. Many people have questioned the adequacy of these measures. Indeed, the measures taken by the governments of practically every country in the world are unprecedented. The authorities justify these measures by showing media reports that indicate (in a way which is not quite clear to the population) an alleged horrible case fatality rate.

The information from the authorities is highly contradictory, and a number of the reports on the current situation contradict the previous reports. In addition, people see at least three contradictions in both the authorities’ statements and in the so-called “anti-virus” measures, that is:

  1. between the measures
  2. between the incoming information and the observable facts
  3. between the proposed measures and the previous human experience.

Since the authorities justify their actions by showing the numerical consequences of the “virus invasion” (case numbers) as well as catastrophic forecasts of this situation’s development, the first question which gets asked by those who still possess critical thinking concerns precisely that – the numbers and their interpretations:

“Can we prove or disprove something or draw a clear conclusion about the scale of the threat based on statistics published by the authorities?”

Let’s try to answer this question by analyzing the enormous amount of information (which the media generously dumps on us) and let’s try to identify the threats that the humanity is facing, assess their severeness and ways to fight them.

I will be using open sources in my reasoning, which are available for everyone and aren’t that hard to google. The terminology I will be using is from the lecture of a former Soviet doctor Vodovozov.The lecture is long, but you might want to listen to it very carefully, because the lies this fascist is telling us are subtle and he is constantly nudging the listener towards the idea that “everyone must follow the example of China”. You can see that he is lying only if you realize that the virus isn’t dangerous. When I say that it isn’t dangerous, I mean that the threat the coronavirus presents is similar to the threat the flu and Acute Viral Respiratory Infections (AVRIs) present for large numbers of people. Nevertheless, Vodovozov does provide a few useful facts and information on the subject. Unfortunately, that information is only skimming the surface, because he avoids speaking about the most significant aspects.

So, let’s see what can be drawn from an objective critical analysis.

I didn’t find statistics for coronaviruses, although people started to get sick from them a long time ago and most people have already had them (around 10–15% of all AVRI are coronaviruses). The 2020 stastistics on fatality rate (% of coronavirus patients who died) and mortality rate (% of those who died of coronavirus out of the total population) cannot be trusted. As you see, mortality rate is different from case fatality rate. WHO’s (World Health Organization) data comes from local statistics of every country. We cannot trust WHO’s data because of exclusive political importance of this year’s figures. And also because the pandemic is not over yet. Moreover, we can’t trust their data, because:

  1. Different countries count the cause of death differently. For example, in the USSR, where these figures were approached scientifically, people typically didn’t die from flu. People died from other pathologies. Influenza, like coronaviruses, is not a fatal disease, it is a SECONDARY disease – a trigger, a catalyst, and influenza is unable to kill a healthy person who has been infected with it if they follow basic precautionary measures (for example, not running a marathon while having an AVRI). The fatality rate of influenza among physically healthy people is negligible. In the Russian Federation, the statistical analysis initially was a lot like in the USSR, but by the 2000s appears to have “corrected itself” towards pseudoscience.
  2. Different countries even diagnose AVRI differently. Basically, AVRI is diagnosed by looking at the clinical picture, not by performing a microbiological test. They don’t run these tests because most of the cases are mild. Nor was it performed in the Soviet Union in case of mild patients — they would just diagnose AVRI or flu and that’s it. I.e. I’ll be quite surprised if any solid statistics on specific infectious agents over the span of many years even exists at all. There could only be approximate figures in it. If such statistics exists, then it’s not in the public domain, but in some old research papers on a dusty shelf somewhere. In addition, many mild cases, which are the majority, may not have been recorded at all, as patients would just get on with it without seeking medical help.

We should take into account the fact that they have now started to diagnose patients based on the presense of a particular infectious agent and not on the clinical picture. This means that the presence of an agent equals having a particular disease, although the disease may be secondary (for example, in case of a person dying from cancer) — or there can be no external symptoms at all, the system may simply be suppressing the agent within that very short period of time in which the tests are performed.

However, such diagnostics, which is partially pseudoscientific, didn’t appear right away: in China, for example, all diagnoses were initially based on the clinical picture and only then they began to make diagnoses based on tests for the causative agent. It is believed that the new coronavirus has a slightly different clinical picture, for example, that there is no nasal mucus. The error rate is high – how high, no one knows.

By the way, the quality of this diagnostic testing is far from being perfect, because the specific virus strain around which all the panic is centered can be indistinguishable from other viruses when tested. There is room for deceit here and it is surely being taken advantage of, as the error rate is not being disclosed. Although it’s probably not that important.

The degree of danger an epidemic presents is formed by a combination of at least three factors: mortality rate, case fatality rate, contagiousness. I’ll talk about numbers later. For now, let’s do a qualitative analysis. For the sake of convenience, let us assume that the disease is DANGEROUS provided its numerical indicators of mortality, fatality and contagiousness are such that the outbreak of this disease calls for strict military isolation of an infected population from the rest of the world. NEVER (since the discovery of influenza in 1933) have the flu and AVRI been considered a DANGEROUS disease and military isolation measures were never once applied to them.

Epidemic prevalence data is calculated quite quickly, and people proceed from there. The initial overestimation is inevitable. The disease at the beginning of the epidemic is recorded mainly in the most severe cases, mild forms sometimes are not recorded at all. No one with a slight cold ever runs to the doctor’s office, especially not under capitalism. It’s not like the USSR where ANYONE could easily call the hospital and the on-duty doctor would arrive within a couple of hours. As the AVRI spreads, mild cases change the overall picture and lower the epidemic rates toward being harmless.

Anyway, right from the beginning a quick epidemic prevalence report estimating the risk level of the new coronavirus was made in China and it immediately showed: the disease is certainly and completely SAFE. Why? Since otherwise all countries would have closed their borders immediately. WHO would have given a command to do so. But WHO didn’t give that command, but allowed the virus to spread around the world. Decisions on flights to and from Wuhan were made by each country and its airlines individually at its own discretion, even in February 2020. Each country acted in a way which would ensure that the disease would DEFINITELY(!) penetrate into their territory, by leaving it open for possible carriers of the (allegedly lethal) virus. And only afterwards these countries HESITANTLY(!) introduced certain measures. These initial measures and the way they were introduced (usually on the initiative of local authorities) didn’t at all correspond with the threat level the subsequent measures would later correspond with.

These measures are mainly demonstrative, not fighting the declared danger in the least. In some places, you have completely ridiculous sterility rules and precautions forced with absolutely insane violence. In other places, the doors are completely open for the virus to waltz in. For example, workers report in their letters that the canteens at their workplace have been closed down in order to minimize workers’ contacts with each other, while at the same time the shift workers are commuting to work for one and a half hour on a crowded bus. And when at work, for 8 to 12 hours, they do not work in isolation, but all together, in continuous contact with each other.

In some instances, healthy people are forced to tell about all their contacts with other people in the last two weeks (although, allegedly, the average incubation period for this coronavirus is around 6 days) as if these people have just arrived from a bubonic plague hotspot or are about to deliberately infect the whole neighborhood with syphilis. And in some cases, people are notified or just given a verbal advice to sit at home in self-isolation. In some cases, the “anti-virus teams” are equipped in accordance with the highest level of biological threat, even though no one in the area is dying en masse, and in other cases doctors just have medical masks on their faces, which, in general, don’t protect against the virus. The remaining participants of the “anti-virus performances” don’t have any protection at all, coming in direct contact with a sick person or a person who is suspected of being sick.

The strangeness and the clearly perfunctory nature of all these measures are quite irritating. Those who posses critical thinking can clearly see that this is all an imitation, an act, a sham. Meaning that this is all just bullying, if not open terror, this isn’t carrying about people’s safety.

On March 30 and March 31 in Leningrad and Moscow strict measures concerning entering and exiting the city were introduced. But airplane flights weren’t cancelled. So, if we assume that there is a terrible risk of getting infected with the virus, then allowing flights means deliberately trying to infect the whole country. Meaning that the disease is not dangerous and in reality the authorities are interested in the spread of the virus. Or, the authorities have decided that it is highly unlikely for people to get infected through incoming flights. In both scenarios, it means that quarantine measures within the cities are disproportionate to the aсtual threat the citizens are facing.

On top of that, in Leningrad, all churches are open, but schools are closed. What kind of quarantine is that? Viruses don’t come into churches? Crowd density is much higher in churches than in schools. In addition, most of the churchgoers are elderly people, which means that they are in the high risk group, according to the media. Therefore, the authorities are either deliberately infecting the elderly through church visits, wanting to get rid of them in this way, or the virus is not dangerous and is unlikely to infect. This simply means there is no coronavirus threat and that the authorities imitate the fight against it.

Even a quick glance at the measures introduced by governor Beglov in Leningrad (and Leningrad is not the only city where similar measures were introduced) shows that they are ridiculous. Nobody sees them as protecting people’s health. Especially since the airplane flights are still available, only the amount of seats has been limited, and all the churches are still open. All people see is the confusing and obvious infringement of their basic rights and freedoms, as well as direct robbery associated with forced downtime and being unable to go to work. (And it’s no secret to the governor that many workers are not protected by a stable salary, especially the self-employed and partially or completely unemployed who live from gig to gig and really count on those gigs).

But the authorities in Leningrad aren’t stopping there; they have promised a “severe and creative punishment for any perpetrator”.

“I’m asking the residents and guests of the city to please understand: we are preparing unprecedented measures and efforts, which will be legitimate, and we will implement our authority as creatively, as strict and as effective as possible”,said Baranov, the Chief Police Officer of the city. He also said the police is going to use vacation week as effectively as possible to prepare for possible deterioration of the situation.

What deterioration is Baranov talking about? Is it about the fact that people will have nothing to eat? Or that they won’t care about the prohibitions and will go out outside like usual to be able to feed themselves? People don’t see any threat coming from the coronavirus, they don’t see protective measures, but they do see the threat of violence for disobeying the measures that restrict their freedom and deprive them of their right to life.

In addition, not a single country is carrying out adequate and centralized EDUCATIONAL CAMPAIGNS about this disease, nor are the authorities explaining why at first they didn’t introduce any measures and then they did, big time! Moreover, heads of states were stirring up a fuss over the lack of personal protective equipment. But they didn’t educate people on how to use this equipment, they didn’t explain effectiveness and appropriateness of this equipment. The majority of ordinary people use protective equipment incorrectly and inadequately to the supposed threat, such usage does not protect them from any viruses.

Meanwhile, we can see the following passage in the Medical Encyclopedia, in the article called “Anti-epidemic measures”:

“The mandatory part of any anti-epidemic measures are conversations of health workers with people to improve the sanitary literacy of the population. They explain the nature of the infectious disease to the population, its initial clinical signs, possible ways and factors of the spread of the causative agent, ways how to prevent infection and disease. An important element is explaining individual preventive measures”.

WHO doesn’t organize any educational campaigns either. Instead, it distributes completely ridiculous teaching aids designed for “self-isolated” people without symptoms of COVID-19 or signs of acute respiratory diseases, i.e. for completely healthy people.

What do you think WHO is recommending? Physical activity and meditation! Those are said to help preserve the health of “self-isolated” (i.e. people who are forced into confinement) prisoners.

This is yet another confirmation that the disease is NOT DANGEROUS. Why? Because the biological danger, if it were real, would affect everyone!

It follows that WHO couldn’t have deliberately infected the whole world with a DANGEROUS disease. There is no DANGEROUS disease at all! The WHO members are also human beings. They have families and relatives, and this organization also serves the interests of people (monopolists) who want to live but don’t want to live in isolation.

So, these people, who led the spread of coronavirus, understood the SAFETY of the virus — in all the parliaments of the world no one kept any “social distance”, and the rich, for example in the U.S., did not care about the “safety” measures, because of which the poor were already getting lined up and fined.

None of the politicians wear medical masks, there is a photo of Merkel, where she is shopping for food, wine and toilet paper in a supermarket full of people. The only exceptions are clowns like Trudeau, a Canadian prime minister who self-isolated himself while clowning around with his allegedly infected wife. By the way, this clownery had to be supported by the royal family in England, which Trudeau’s wife visited prior to her supposed sickness as a result of coronavirus infection.

Let me point out one more time, the politicians cannot be unaware of the fact that the virus is SAFE! Indeed, let us imagine the strategy of a politician if we assume that he knows that the virus is DANGEROUS, or, at least, that he is not sure if the virus is safe (i.e. the virus IS POSSIBLY DANGEROUS). Suppose further that the known or possible virus threat is such that military isolation measures are required to suppress it, otherwise there will actually be piles of corpses, like it happens in case of black plague. But politicians and high rank officials are not hiding in bunkers, even though there are a lot of seniors among them. They are here, among us, and if not, then their immediate subordinates whom they communicate with in front of cameras without any protection are, and the latter, in turn, communicate with their subordinates, with the army, and so on.

No army in the world is shielded from contacts with the infected civilian community (in the Russian Federation, for example, the spring conscription has not been cancelled). Nobody follows the precaution protocols, especially those who, according to the assumption, KNOW THAT THE VIRUS IS DANGERUOS, or at least, those WHO ARE NOT SURE IF THE VIRUS IS SAFE. Read the last sentence carefully and think it over, and you will realize that it’s impossible.

Monopolists and heads of their governments don’t care about the coronavirus problem, if truth be told. This was vividly demonstrated by the recent G20 summit. Although the coronavirus agenda was announced, the medical side of the “pandemic” was secondary at the summit. Financial issues were primary on the agenda. There are no health ministers sitting next to the heads of government. Instead, there are finance ministers. And the heads of countries were clearly in no hurry to get together: it took several weeks to prepare the online summit! Judging by the slowness with which the summit was gathered and by the summit’s main agenda, the forum participants themselves proved the alibi of the coronavirus in today’s challenges of the humanity.

саммит большой двадцаткиI haven’t mentioned the absence of another factor that could influence the introduction of local quarantine measures: the presence of at least one outbreak of the disease, i.e. sustainable transmission of virus within the population. Let’s not talk about a tiny number of coronavirus cases in the Russian Federation in comparison with the scale of distribution of regular AVRIs, when they are qualified as epidemics. In fact, NOWHERE on Earth has Covid-19 epidemic earned the status of an AVRI epidemic. (Influenza and AVRI epidemics are acknowledged when the weekly morbidity is about 1% of the population. A retrospective calculation of epidemic thresholds for influenza and AVRI of previous years in Russia can be found here).

In general, in Moscow a hundred thousand or even hundreds of thousands of residents must be sick at the same time for us to even start talking about the presence of an epidemic. Perhaps something like that is indeed happening, but there is no data about these people, no media reported it. Official statistics show there is a mere one thousand infected with this notorious coronavirus.

But the population of the Russian Federation does not constantly intermingle: many regions of the north, mountains, etc. have neither contacts with Moscow today, nor a single case of infection. It is crazy and obviously a sham to place severe restrictions on social activities such as schooling or functioning of food services in those regions! It is much easier to stop contacts with an infected region if the virus were so dangerous. But instead of isolating a region that has an outbreak of the virus, uninfected areas, where the population is greatly separated from each other, also get isolated. This has NEVER been done in human history! Even though many terrible diseases, such as plague, still exist on the planet, they have not disappeared and pop up every year. They are simply suppressed without any hype; the authorities don’t freeze economic and social life for weeks or months at regional and national levels.

Okay, now let’s talk about manipulation with the numbers. Firstly, WHO didn’t make any public statements, referring to past experience and explaining their standards, about why the “pandemic” was declared. They simply went and announced it, like, “you know, we talked about it and decided to declare a pandemic”, they just confronted everyone with a fait accompli without any explanation. No government in the world has bothered to explain to its citizens the usual standards for situations like this and why certain measures are being taken. It appears that governments are free to declare something extremely dangerous, or no longer dangerous, or not yet dangerous. From the point of view of the general population, this sort of policy is an unfair game or, in other words, it’s trickery.

Moreover, the thinking part of the population is well aware that this game is played by experienced tricksters. Or would someone like to insist that they didn’t catch this or that politician lying? Each one of them was caught and this happens all the time! Would someone like to insist that governments and their heads are people’s favorites? Not even close! And now politicians have the nerve to tell people to be calm and patient while they’re lying non-stop!

Furthermore, the statistics on AVRI for the 2019-2020 season showing how many people are sick with this noval coronavirus and how many are sick with other AVRIs is not available. Such statistics is not being reported, which again means that people are not getting the entire picture (in other words they are being lied to). In case of real threats no one would do this because if people didn’t trust the authorities, then the threat couldn’t be defeated. But the distrust is growing, since they are keeping vital information in the dark. And most importantly, the distrust is well-deserved.

We are being informed in real time about the spread of coronavirus: this many have fallen ill, this many have died, this many are in this or that kind of condition, but no one understands what these numbers mean. Is it a lot or a little? Should we declare that the situation is dangerous? If yes, based on what? They don’t provide us with last year’s data (for instance), in order for us to compare and verify the adequacy of the authorities’ conclusions and measures.

Furthermore, there are reports of a high case fatality rate. We see in the WHO statistics that almost every third patient (as of March 29) in the world who died “from coronavirus” died in Italy. Is it not obvious to anyone at WHO that something is not right in the way Italy is counting deaths? This is the first thing that comes to mind! (For comparison, the case fatality rate from coronavirus’ complications in Germany is 50 times lower according to WHO data). No, they are simply telling us that the key factor that influenced this enormous difference in the case fatality rate for ONE AND THE SAME DISEASE is the disorganized Italian health care.

Let’s say it is a factor, we don’t deny it, but it’s a minor factor! Italy is not a Third World country. Nothing like that is happening in Asia or Africa, although in colonial or semi-colonial countries medicine is practically unavailable; it seems that people there should be dying left, right and center. So what’s the deal?

Turns out our initial assumption was entirely correct: recalculation of Italian statistics shows that only 12% of deaths associated with AVRI can be attributed to coronavirus (or coronaviruses?). And that’s a completely different story! But after this recalculation, the death rate in Italy doesn’t change in WHO data. Moreover, WHO is not willing to introduce a common method for diagnosing deaths associated with coronavirus complications.

WHO officials do not care how case fatality rate is counted, they just want to count more deaths. In Italy, for example:

“COVID-19 related deaths presented in this report are those occurring in patients who test positive for SARSCoV-2 RT by PCR, independently from pre-existing diseases”.

But this is a SCAM! Apparently, those who died “from coronavirus complications” and those who died for other reasons, but were infected with coronavirus, are both considered to be the “victims of coronavirus”. For example, someone was hit by a car or died of lung cancer but he had tested positive for COVID-19. This is where the  “fatality rate” comes from. As we can see, the fiftyfold distortion of numbers is performed right in front of our eyes. Has any politician ever informed their country’s population about this? NO, NOT A SINGLE ONE! WHO officials are also keeping mum.

Therefore, WHO data on case fatality rate for coronavirus doesn’t make any sense! How can you trust their data if they are lying and manipulating. They are accomplices in the coronavirus hoax. (Which is not surprising, by the way, because WHO, as you know, was originally organized by the world’s largest pharmaceutical and chemical corporations, primarily American, and WHO is the conductor of their interests. This fact has been written about more than once in Soviet literature).

Furthermore, we have not heard from the media, the politicians or the “academics” about other coronaviruses because of which people are getting sick today. After all, they are getting sick because of them just like last year and the year before. Did they all disappear? Is this the only virus strain the humanity is getting infected with now?  If this is true, and the media, the politicians and so-called “academics” are hinting that this is true (since they don’t say anything about other coronaviruses), then THEY MUST SPEAK OPENLY about this fact. If other coronaviruses are present in today’s influenza and AVRI epidemic, then THEY MUST ALSO SPEAK ABOUT IT OPENLY, rather than putting all strains of coronaviruses in one pile pursuing some political and economic interests by doing this.

So when some “educator” speaks about the сoronavirus, but does not speak about the whole family of coronaviruses and about the role and place of other representatives of this family (except COVID-19) in today’s AVRI, then I am not interested. The fascist doctor Vodovozov also kept silent about the role of other coronaviruses in the overall picture of this year’s AVRI. (If there is no statistics on this role, that also MUST BE MENTIONED OPENLY). He just said that they ARE NOT DANGEROUS. But the flu IS ALSO NOT DANGEROUS in this sense. And hundreds of thousands a year (according to the WHO) die from complications associated with influenza.

I don’t have the statistics on the case fatality rate from complications caused by other coronaviruses in previous years. I don’t have such statistics for this year either. But they blame only one particular strain for all the deaths from complications, as if the other coronaviruses do not cause complications. This fact (obviously revealing) is not explained anywhere, it’s never mentioned from which particular coronavirus this or that person had died. We know the media is constantly distorting the data and lying, so what could possibly stop them from lying about this important piece of information?

Generally, there is endless room for speculation — since the statistics is not transparent. You can’t check it. And thankfully we don’t have to check it, because it was clear from the beginning that the “coronavirus pandemic” is a hoax.

Speaking about the contagiousness of coronavirus, the SEASONALITY of the virus spreading activity is hushed. They speak about epidemics as if they continue throughout the year. But that isn’t true! The viability of the virus outside of the human body (around 4 hours) depends directly on the season. The virus survives longer in moisture, without it the virus quickly dies and does not have time at all to be transmitted from the carrier to an uninfected person. That’s why seasonal viruses (and this noval coronavirus is no exception) are more dangerous in terms of the scale of the spread and mortality (% of the population) in the autumn-winter period.

The latter is mentioned in a statement by the Ministry of Health, which kind of says, folks, remain cautious and be patient, it will get better around the end of April. But the autumn-winter season is now over! Spring is in full swing! Therefore, how can one explain the statements of politicians and some doctors like that fascist Vodovozov who said in his lecture that it is necessary to postpone the point of some kind of “peak” of the virus spread as long as possible? They claim that in a very short period of time practically half of the world’s population will be infected.

But this contradicts all the data on AVRI proliferation dynamics accumulated in all previous years. And why should we postpone this peak? One should just maintain a healthy lifestyle, follow reasonable precautions and hygiene in case of infection, it’s not that hard! Contagiousness of this AVRI and its distribution dynamics do not differ from those of other AVRI, according to the statements from the Ministry of Health. The case fatality rate (% of patients who died from this AVRI) is not different either. The mortality rate (% of people who died from this AVRI out of the total population) is a negligible proportion of the mortality rate associated with other AVRIs. (Globally, 650,000 people died last year from AVRI-related complications, according to WHO). So why is everybody sitting at home, basically imprisoned? It appears that the reason why people are sitting at home is not the coronavirus.

I mean, what’s the point in sitting at home? All reference books, all manuals from medical encyclopedias to websites of district hospitals advise not to wait passively until you get sick with a virus or other disease, but to conduct PROPHYLACTIC MEASURES in order to be prepared for the disease and put up a fight. Let’s open the website of a random hospital (Regional Hospital № 3 of Chelyabinsk, for example) and we will find there the same information which is given in medical encyclopedia:

“In order to prevent flu and AVRI infection during the period of increased morbidity, it is necessary to:

— avoid contacts with sick people, avoid visiting crowded places (theatres, cinemas, supermarkets, shops and public transport) and public events where the virus spreads very quickly because of the large crowd;

—  lead a healthy lifestyle (do morning exercise, wipe your skin with cool water, work out); avoid hypothermia;

keep to study (or work) regime, don’t overwork, spend time outdoors and breathe fresh air more, sleep enough and eat well;

— when indoors, you should perform wet cleaning and ventilation regularly, ensure optimal temperature conditions;

— observe personal preventive measures: wash your hands thoroughly before eating, when returning from the street as well as after using common items (a huge part of germs is transmitted through common items: railing in transport, groceries in supermarkets and, of course, cash);

— you should cough or sneeze in a handkerchief or a napkin and wash your hands with soap”.

And what is now offered to citizens as “anti-virus measures”? Exactly the opposite: do not increase, but decrease your immunity (let the virus enter and get more complications from it), do not go outdoors (do not breathe fresh air, but breathe in more germs concentrated in enclosed space), go to shops as rarely as possible, i.e. buy long-term storage products that are less nutritious, less caloric, often contain preservatives and therefore less useful, etc. As for quality nutrition (the most important factor in improving the immunity of the human body) the authorities are actually putting people’s lives in danger of dying from starvation because of the hidden lockout (suspension from work under the guise of an extended weekend)!


All of the above is not the fight against a dangerous virus, but the fight against the POPULATION. The authorities FORCE PANIC, which plays a significant role. And they do it INTENTIONALLY.

How the information is presented plays a big role here. For example, this is what the government reports through its RIA-Novosti channel dated March 29, 2020:

“According to data, almost half of the patients in serious condition are under 60 years of age and almost 40% of patients under 40 years of age are put on ventilators”.

We see that the data is analytical, not absolute, as if citizens are unable to calculate these percentages themselves (everyone had school education I should think!). But the actual number of these patients is not reported. It’s impossible to find this number. You can find data on the total number of sick patients, how many have recently got sick, how many died. You can find the data for each region of Russia, these numbers are everywhere. The data is so accurate that it counts every single person. What does it mean? This means that the number of patients with severe complications is small, it is not impressive, so they don’t announce the exact number, they try to give the impression that ALL the patients are already on intubation and about to die.

It’s clear that when they don’t show the entire picture it means they are cheating. They appeal to our emotions (negative emotions such as anxiety, fear), that reduce immunity, by the way. There’s no other explanation for this. They don’t educate people about the epidemic and its development, but force panic which is yet another form of terror!

Another example of how they appeal to emotions: WHO distributes a cartoon, a picture of the lungs of a 50-year-old patient with complications from coronaviru, a cartoon which is supposed to impress the viewers. It’s like, hey, look at the lungs being torn apart by this extremely dangerous virus. (They don’t mention other pathologies as if this would happen to anyone who gets sick with coronavirus!) But they don’t show a picture of the lungs of a patient with influenza complications. They don’t show what kind of harm flu complications can do to heart of a chronic alcoholic. That’s just not fair! The clinical picture of such complications is undoubtedly terrible. But complications from a regular flu are no better!

They could also show crying relatives of a deceased coronavirus patient. But if at the same time they didn’t show crying relatives of a patient who died from influenza complications, then it would again be manipulation. Let them show both and prove that the tears of the first relatives are somehow more tragic.

All the perplexed comments of experts about “a weird hype”, overshadowed by the ignorance and panic imposed by the authorities, irritate me, to be frank. Why don’t these experts tell everyone straight up that the hype and hysteria are directly related to the fact that the authorities (the state media are also a branch of the authorities, their mouthpiece) are NOT EDUCATING the population about the epidemic, but they are releasing SELF-CONTRADICTORY information, and therefore ARE KNOWINGLY MANIPULATING the population? The actions of the authorities are very cynical, they’re asking citizens “not to panic”, but they are doing everything to force and increase this panic. Now those who still possess critical thinking call this panic “coronoia”. That’s a very appropriate name, it reflects the essence of what is happening.

Obeying the authorities in case of DANGEROUS infections requires strict discipline, no one argues with this. Provided that this infection is in fact DANGEROUS. But this obedience is only reasonable if people fully trust the authorities and believe that they are acting ADEQUATELY TO THE THREAT. Citizens must have a clear understanding of what the authorities are doing and why, and how it will save or help people to survive and stay healthy. Such trust can and should be present only if the authorities have provided a centralized EDUCATIONAL CAMPAIGN. Such trust excludes blind faith (not seeing the contradictions) and violence, especially when people around the world have very little confidence in their authorities to begin with (including in Russia).

And how can people trust bourgeois governments if they are constantly lying? Citizens are tired of their governments’ TREACHERY, LIES and NEVER-ENDING COERCION! Thus, obeying the authorities is completely out of the question since they don’t EDUCATE ABOUT THE EPIDEMIC, they ONLY use violence. There is a simple explanation why they don’t EDUCATE. The authorities WANT the population to misunderstand what is happening, otherwise their deception will burst like a soap bubble.

The authorities have already proved that their “anti-virus measures” are DISPROPORTIONATE to the existing coronavirus threat. And disproportionate is a very mild word.


Now let’s talk about why everyone has been sitting at home.

This is not the first time when bourgeois authorities have done something like that. Something similar has already been done this year (though not in Russia, but in Newfoundland, Canada) when an ordinary snowfall paralyzed (through the fault of the authorities) the lives of half a million people on the huge island for more than a week. The sabotage of the local authorities was followed by them pretending to try and hastily eliminate the consequences with ridiculous, cruel and incomprehensible prohibitions.

During the coronavirus “pandemic” we have faced similar measures — ridiculous, meaningless and incomprehensible prohibitions that restrict people’s civil rights and freedoms. For capitalist authorities coronavirus became a convenient excuse to put everyone on a house arrest and to stop economic and social activity in many countries of the world, including Russia.

I don’t think this is being done because of some secret preparation for stupid microchipping and things like that. No, it’s just a helpless attempt of the bourgeoisie to find (or create) any excuse in order to stop social activity, thus creating the worst conditions for the self-organization of the masses. It is clear that the dying class of the bourgeoisie is trying to cling onto anything, onto any cataclysm. By either creating this cataclysm or by not interfering with it.

THE GLOBAL CRISIS OF CAPITALISM (rather than some virus and other natural disasters) is the reason why everybody has been sitting at home and why all social activity has been frozen.

The bourgeois authorities are trying to convince us that they are locking everyone in their houses to save us! But we know that sick people (not the healthy ones) should be isolated in case of the threat of an AVRI epidemic. Sitting at home weakens the immune system of healthy people. Fresh air (the more — the better) is NECESSARY to increase immunity. The sun is also NECESSARY to strengthen the body’s protective functions and to strengthen its immunity so it can successfully cope with diseases. This is an ancient medical practice of mankind, recorded in all encyclopedias and reference books.

Every Soviet schoolchild knew flu preventive measures by heart. These measures include (in addition to fresh air) observance of study (work) regimes and rest, the absence of overwork, good sleep and quality food rich in vitamins and minerals. They don’t include forced “self-isolation” of healthy people, they imply the continuing of normal social and economic activity in every country, in every city, in every district. Without normal economic activity there will be no opportunity to maintain health.

We can already see the consequences of the forced isolation of healthy people and suppression of all economic life in the country. In Italy, for example:

“Hunger threatens Palermo: 4 people per minute ask for help”.

There you go, comrades. Keep this in mind. Hunger is not your average AVRI. Everyone dies from hunger when it comes, and first your little children will die, then your dear parents, the elderly, the chronically ill people, etc. all those people about whose salvation the coronavirus quacks are banging on and on. For Russia, hunger is more than possible and will be twice as terrible. Thanks to all those “highly efficient owners and managers” who have destroyed the excellent Soviet agriculture. Now we don’t have food security since we are almost completely dependent on food supply from abroad.

The Russian authorities have been playing “epidemic” for way too long! Neither in Russia, nor anywhere else in the world does “coronavirus pandemic” meet the requirements to be considered an epidemic. The real scale of seasonal epidemics and their consequences are two or three orders of magnitude greater than the clearly exaggerated number of COVID-19 cases.

It’s useless to try to appeal to the authorities’s conscience by saying “Stop fooling the people!” They are already playing all-in. We can only rely on ourselves, on our strength and our intellect. Everyone must understand clearly that there is no dangerous virus threat, regardless of whether COVID-19 exists or not it is no more dangerous than the usual seasonal AVRI.

“Anti-virus measures” of the bourgeois fascist authorities are much more dangerous for us. They can really kill us and if not directly, then indirectly through hunger and poverty.

Therefore, the fight against the deception called “coronavirus pandemic” is a matter of life and death for us.

And this fight should not be a fight of single individuals. Now the self-organization of the masses is vital. It could be territorial (among the neighbours, for example), or among friends, relatives, collegues, etc. Having achieved self-organization, we will be able to ensure the actual preventive anti-virus measures. We will be able to provide ourselves with freedom, fresh air, normal human conditions of life and full quality nutrition. It’s possible for us. It’s all in our hands. All we have to do is take action and determine the course of our lives.

Igor, a member of the Marxist club “Leningradets”

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  1. There’s not a thought that’s been frustrating me for months that you haven’t covered so perfectly in this article. I just woke up to this hoax and scam about 2 months ago and I lived in absolute fear distancing my own family for the first few months. The daft general public is more dangerous than any manipulative government.

    1. The general public isn’t daft, they are in fear and this fear is the product of manipulation. At the moment governments are using manipulative mind control techniques originating in Nazi Germany. This presents a big problem and it takes a lot of effort to confront the fascist propaganda with counter-propaganda that will help the general public come to its senses. That’s why it’s extremely important to spread this anti-fascist knowledge. Check out other articles about the corona hoax ( ), send them to your fellow citizens, friends, relatives or re-tell in your own words.

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