On daily routine of arrested children

1513694222_tae-768x512The bourgeoisie loves their underage children, seeing them, first and foremost, as heirs and successors of the capitalist profiteering. Therefore, the children of big bourgeois are carefully guarded from any dangers and hardships, for them, with their parents’ money, with our labor, the best living conditions are provided.

These conditions, among other things, include a proper, healthy daily routine, recreation and study regimen, maintaining appropriate and scientifically validated (by the Soviet Stalinist science) sanitary conditions.

These children are, of course, not responsible for their fathers’ actions. But a legitimate question arises: why do they grow, are educated and brought up in the conditions which are right for child physiology and hygiene, and the children of the working class and the majority of workers live under conditions which more and more resemble the living conditions of homeless kids at the start of the civil war?

We know the political and economic answer to this question. But in recent days, these unhealthy conditions were added by mass house arrests of proletarian children. By the will of the fascist government, Millions of our children have been declared juvenile delinquents.

Although some of our workers still “believe in an epidemic, just in case“, there appear more and more questions from the point of view of biology, medicine and hygiene— questions concerning the acute respiratory virus, quarantine and “self-isolation”. It’s a very good sign, because, firstly, it shows that most workers have not slipped into the state of “viral” idiocy and have not succumbed to the total lie of the fascists. And secondly, this sort of interest shows that the class struggle in our society not only hasn’t been extinguished by the fascist assaults, as some have previously thought, but on the contrary, it is increasing and gaining momentum in a variety of forms, according to specific conditions.

How exactly did the fascists “take care” of the children and adolescents of the working class, of our schoolchildren?

One can only properly organize a child’s life on the basis of proper daily routine. This routine implies rational, science-based distribution of work and rest of children, first and foremost, schoolchildren. Scientific foundations of rational organization of children’s everyday life were laid and developed by the academician I. P. Pavlov and his disciples and followers, the materialist physiologists of Stalin’s Soviet Union. The main provisions of the mental and physiological hygiene of children attending school are as follows (see, for example, M. V. Antropova, “Organizing a schoolchild’s daily routine”, 1955).

  1. Adequate sleep — in accordance with the age of the child.

  2. Regular, full and adequate nutrition .

  3. Scientifically calculated duration of school and extracurricular activities.

  4. Sufficient and active recreation for children with maximum exposure to fresh air.

Which of these fundamental provisions have been selected and administered by the fascist bourgeoisie?

The majority of our children haven’t had regular, full and adequate nutrition for a long time.

This is the second week that our children have had no school lessons and no extracurricular activities. Our children have been put on a leash, they are staying in stuffy apartments and doing “distance learning”, that is, not doing any actual learning at all. Many children are sitting in front of their computer screens all day long, poisoning their psyche with various toxins and all sorts of pornography. Or relentlessly playing computer games, which bring on headaches by the evening, the child becomes irritable, loses sleep and appetite, and has nightmares during the night.

This means, among other things, that the bourgeoisie has now made sure that our children cannot periodically go from one activity to another as required by physiological science, and cannot have sufficient sleep and rest. As a result of the imposed idleness and computer games the child gradually gets sick, begins to confuse reality with fantasy, “learns” violence and brutality from video games.

In combination with sleep disorders and other disorders of higher nervous activity, with the help of the “isolation” capitalists are looking to make our children sick and paranoid. The kind of paranoid which are most suitable for the bourgeoisie, that is weak-willed, cowardly, devoid of logic, scientific knowledge and critical thinking, but able to perform physical work. That’s understandable, because that is the portrait of an ideal servant.

And there’s no one there to control this lame “distance learning”, because mom and dad work from morning till night (either outside the house or from home), creating surplus value for capitalists, and the children are actually left on their own, wandering from corner to corner inside the apartment, growing stupid from the house arrest and the computer, just slowly going crazy.

The fascists have closed all stadiums and swimming pools, sports clubs, remaining palaces of culture, music schools, children’s art studios, libraries, etc. This means that our children have been forcibly deprived of extracurricular activities, and their constitutional right to physical and cultural development of the individual has been seized. And that is an element of open mass terror, for which major Nazi war criminals were put on trial back in the day.

As our children have been put under arrest, they have been deprived of adequate and active leisure time with maximum exposure to fresh air. Round the clock fascist scum of all sorts and varieties are quacking about “self-isolation” being “necessary to overcome coronavirus“. Meanwhile the oligarchs have prudently hid their offspring in the Alps and at private villas surrounded by pine growths where they can walk as much as they want in the fresh air.

The fact that the bourgeois reasoning for “self-isolation” is false and unsubstantiated is clear to most workers and laborers. But many don’t realize yet that “self-isolation”, that is, putting millions of our children on house arrest, means hidden genocide of children.

(Actually, the word “self-isolation” makes absolutely no sense. Self-isolation is when someone has decided, of their own accord, to temporarily limit their usual activity in society, for example, when they are really sick and consciously do not want to infect others. But when a fascist gun is pressed to your head, and you’re told to “go home and self-isolate”, then that’s not self-isolation, that’s an arrest, forceful confinement. It’s the same as “self-robbery” when an armed bandit robs you in the street, and prosecutors and investigators convince you that you yourself ran up to the bandit and begged him to take your wallet, your watch, etc.).

Why do we have every reason to talk about genocide?

Given that:

nowhere in the world, in none of the varieties of acute respiratory infections the situation has even come close to the epidemic threshold;

the fact of a SARS epidemic in our cities has not been scientifically proven anywhere;

the fascists and their lackeys have no idea how to deal with epidemics, if one should happen for real, —

keeping children locked up for a prolonged period of time, without sun, fresh air and exercise means deliberately bringing significant and perhaps irreversible damage to their systems.

This harm is amplified significantly in the spring, when after the winter children need abundant sun and air baths, physical exercise and sport, trips to the bosom of the awakening nature, air, forests and meadows, the smell of the river.

Instead, the fascists have locked our children in concrete boxes, and their learned medical executioners, Nazi doctors of our days, are screeching about how “children can take air baths on the balcony“, “can breathe just fine inside a well-aired apartment“, etc.

In reality, children’s immune systems weaken in confinement. Not getting the normal load on all its defense mechanisms, the system becomes frail, and without regular “drills” these defense mechanisms gradually break down, become “rusty” like idle machines. Which means that the child’s body becomes vulnerable to even the weakest of infections.

The matter is complicated by poor circulation, when inside apartments, no matter how often you air out and clean them, stale air is constantly building up, containing high levels of bacteria, microbes, carbon dioxide, water vapor, dust and dirt particles floating in the air. As the levels of oxygen continuously go down, at the same time inevitably the levels of nitrogen, carbon monoxide and harmful inert gases go up.

Not to mention the lack of sunlight, ultraviolet rays which are vital for a child’s system, without them it does not produce vitamin D, and consequently gets rickets.

All this causes not only immediate health problems in children, but also long term, which will be impossible to resolve later. This is because all living organisms gradually accumulate those substances and the characteristics that they receive from the outer environment. Organisms are “nurtured” by outer conditions and acquire certain corresponding features. Good “nourishment” provides a healthy cumulative impact that brings, in the end, a healthy qualitative change, and the organism develops normally. If it is kept in a harmful environment, it acquires characteristics which are harmful for it, that is, starts getting sick.

This sickness may be of both organic and functional nature. Internal organs and systems themselves may start to hurt if their tissues and cells change, and that’s an organic disease. Or the management of these organs and systems may get disrupted, and then it’s evidently a functional disease.

It should be borne in mind that separating organic and functional diseases is something only current “scientists” and “doctors”, i.e. charlatans and butchers, can do. These diseases are a single whole, they are always inevitably intertwined, they “infiltrate” each other in varying degrees. This means that staying in concrete boxes (flats and houses) leads to children developing both diseases of the internal organs and tissues, that is, “bad” changes in the chemistry and biology of these organs and tissues, and functional diseases, that is, the disruption and destruction of the Central and peripheral nervous systems.

Because the child’s body is a delicate system, not possessing all the protective features of the adult body, and because the child’s body lays the “groundwork” for the future adult body, therefore even the smallest harm to children’s bodies or to their internal management inevitably leads to that person having certain illnesses or injuries throughout their entire life.

What shall we call a state activity which undermines the health of the child and adolescent population o said state?

Some might argue whether the term “genocide” is necessary here. But if — intentionally or incidentally, it does not matter, — the state creates the conditions in which the frail and delicate lives of millions of children may get terminated or mutilated, then what shall we call it? This is indeed genocide, i.e. actions aimed at a mass killing of a people. And, over time, the killing of children becomes the double murder of a people, because through them, the future generations get destroyed.

(By the way: comrade workers and other anti-fascists need to take detailed notes of today’s events in order to preserve them in archives, preserve all possible facts, details and specifics. Why? We have to ensure that the fascists don’t get away with this “self-isolation” stunt in the future, at least for our children’s sake. After the revolution it will be necessary, at whatever cost, to track down all the remaining employers, organizers and main enforcers of the “quarantine” and “self-isolation” and put them on trial in the international proletarian criminal court. Or more precisely, on trial conducted by a Special Council of said court. No “tribunals of conscience”, “pillorying” , “deportations abroad, etc. could be applied here, because this is an attempt at mass murder and the perpetration thereof, i.e. the gravest crime against humanity).

The acute shortage of air, sun and movement that a prisoner feels in solitary confinement, affects children especially strongly. The Physical development of the child’s body is violated, muscles become flabby, bones and joints weaken. The consequences of the lack of exposure to nature and lack of movement accumulate in the body and increase the likelihood of many different physical illnesses. The child’s body, stuffed away in a stifling concrete box, actually becomes excluded from the general movement of nature and society — meaning that the normal, necessary for any human, movement only goes on inside the body and within the narrow space around it. And that is a dangerous anomaly.

On the other hand, our frightened philistines who agree to keep their children in chains, also overlook the disruption of normal social ties children have among themselves and with adults, ties that are formed by the school team by walking around outside, playing games together, physical education, sports, cultural clubs and sections, field trips and so on. Children staying in solitary confinement for at least a week, literally run wild, lose their fine motor skills and experience of existing inside a collective of people. Their ego inflates dramatically, thinking becomes increasingly disorganized. The brain, deprived of normal everyday loads, grows dull, the reflexes slow down.

The point is that it is very important for a child to have a certain rhythm of life, a particular sequence of its social elements, the consistency of performing complex and simple actions in the same hours. A child should wake up around the same time, as well as eat, go to class, study, do sports, prepare lessons, go for a walk, play, read. In this case, a child will form normal «chain» conditioned reflexes that lay the foundation for normal mental development.

This feature is due to the fact that each previous activity of our system is a conditional signal for subsequent activities. And this, in turn, allows the brain to prepare the body to best perform each follow-up.

In cases where a specific, rational and scientifically sound daily routine of the child is violated by some sudden activity or, conversely, sudden inactivity, this activity no longer has favorable conditions for its execution and may cause harmful effect on all subsequent actions of the body in the daily chain of events.

And inactivity, which suddenly breaks the normal chain of the child’s activities generally destabilizes the entire life cycle for a long time and strongly damages the child’s psyche.

Academician I. P. Pavlov wrote the following on this subject :

“Everyone knows how sudden annoyances, delay and frustrate a well-established routine activity and how confusing and difficult can be the changing of a once established order of movement, actions and the whole way of life”[1].

Academician noted that the younger the human, the stronger the blow from such sudden annoyances and the abrupt interruptions of normal activities.

Now let our obedient philistines who consider themselves good parents, estimate the cost of their children’s house arrest, that is, being knocked out of normal everyday life (at school, at a playground, at the stadium, in the street,etc. )

Soviet Stalinist science discovered and conclusively proved the best study and recreation regimen for schoolchildren. What does it consist of? Studying the special features of inhibition and excitation in the cerebral cortex, as well as huge experience in practical observations, showed that the maximum lesson duration should not exceed 45 minutes. The minimum duration of rest between lessons should be 10-15 minutes. In the middle of the school day, children need a longer period of rest — 20-30 minutes, which is also used for consumption of hot food.

On top of all this, from spring to autumn in every suitable weather children have to spend their in-between-lessons breaks outside on green school grounds, at a park or a small square adjacent to school. And only in cold rainy days the children are to stay in the school building. As for games and going for walks after school, the total duration of being outside in fresh air should be between 1.5 to 3.5 hours daily.

It is clear that under capitalism, most conventional schools don’t have any park-like or garden-like areas. But at least there are school yards and crannies where you can run during a break. This does not provide proper rest for children, but at least it’s something. It is easy to imagine what a monstrous crime has been committed by the fascists, who deprived millions of our schoolchildren not only of the school itself but also of the ability to move around.

What are we to do today to save our children?

It seems like there’s only one thing to do –


Demand in all available forms the immediate cessation of the mass arrest of the country’s population and individual cities and towns, demand the opening of schools, gardens, parks, stadiums, houses of culture, libraries, theaters, etc.

We must show them who the real master of the country is. 

We must make it clear to the executioners and sadists that their time is running out, that the noose already awaits them, that life will win no matter what.

We must prove to them that fascism shall not pass!

P. Vuytsyk

[1] “The Complete Collected Works of I.P.Pavlov, Volume IV, published by the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, 1947, p.327”

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