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Why is it important to master dialectical materialism?

A-CALL-TO-INACTION-The-battle-of-all-battles-to-stay-apart-together-4A communist needs dialectical materialism in order to understand correctly what is going on. Having mastered dialectics, he or she will not allow themselves to be confused by their enemies and will easily rebuff them, exposing the falsity and reactionary nature of their ideology. Dialectical materialism is a merciless shining sword that crushes to pieces all the arguments of obscurantists, reactionaries, hypocrites and slanderers. No tricks or sophistry can resist this sword. Continue reading

On legality of “quarantine” and on “mathematical modelling” of infectious diseases. Part 2

Flatten_the_curve1In the article “On legality of “quarantine” and “mathematical modelling” of infectious diseases”, published recently on Work Way’s website, we touched upon the issue of the groundless “quarantine measures” of the authorities, in particular, the nationwide house arrest, which the courtier press of the fascist-bourgeois authorities of Russia call “self-isolation”. By “groundless” we meant the absence of any official references to the epidemic thresholds for outbreaks of acute respiratory viral infections and influenza in the Russian Federation, and to hygienic standards, which are expressed in this or that measure imposed by the authorities when the above-mentioned thresholds get exceeded. Continue reading