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On “labour policy”. Part 1

scale_1200-768x535Today’s fascists borrow tricks from the old, German, fascists. Even some of their actions are the same, if not in minor details, but in general. Is it a mechanical parallel, a repetition of history?

Every historical event is concrete and has its own unique features which are not repeated. But the laws of the development of imperialism apply throughout the entire historical epoch, which is reserved for this last stage of capitalism. Hence, the actions and methods of the fascists of today cannot be fundamentally different from those of the old fascists. The minor aspects are different, but the class capitalist essence is the same. The same essense allows for the similarity of some specific forms of terror. So it should not come as a surprise that today’s fascists of various scales use the tried and tested techniques of the old fascist dictatorships. Nazi experience of the struggle against the proletariat is highly valuable to the bourgeoisie. Continue reading