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On “labour policy”. Part 1

scale_1200-768x535Today’s fascists borrow tricks from the old, German, fascists. Even some of their actions are the same, if not in minor details, but in general. Is it a mechanical parallel, a repetition of history?

Every historical event is concrete and has its own unique features which are not repeated. But the laws of the development of imperialism apply throughout the entire historical epoch, which is reserved for this last stage of capitalism. Hence, the actions and methods of the fascists of today cannot be fundamentally different from those of the old fascists. The minor aspects are different, but the class capitalist essence is the same. The same essense allows for the similarity of some specific forms of terror. So it should not come as a surprise that today’s fascists of various scales use the tried and tested techniques of the old fascist dictatorships. Nazi experience of the struggle against the proletariat is highly valuable to the bourgeoisie. Continue reading

Stalin and the Red Army

Editor’s Note. WP: In honor of the 101st anniversary of the formation of the proletarian Red Army, we offer our readers a curious article about the role of I.V. Stalin in the formation of the Red Army and the victory of the young Soviet republic over the White Guards and foreign interventionists in the civil war of 1918-1922. Its author is Klim Voroshilov, one of the outstanding commanders of the Red Army during the civil war, later – Commissar of Defense of the USSR, Bolshevik, member of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b), Stalin’s loyal ally who met Stalin during the heroic struggle of Soviet workers and peasants against the White Guards and invaders.

We do not doubt that what Voroshilov tells about in his memoirs will be a big surprise for the majority of our readers, including those who have graduated from schools and universities in the USSR. Unfortunately, the Soviet people had no idea of the facts reported by Voroshilov in the 60-80s, So it has been quite a while since counter-revolutionaries began to rewrite the history, it was not during Perestroika or after it, but long before that. Without this, perhaps the history of the USSR could have been completely different.

Voroshilov’s story about Stalin is taken from the book Memoirs about I. V. Stalin, which is being prepared for publication by the editorial and publishing department of the Work Path MLWM (planned for March-April of the current year)


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Great October Celebration in the USSR. Newsreel Excerpts

There is a big date coming – 100th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution. But there will certainly be no official celebration on a nationwide scale, neither in Russia, nor abroad. This is not a holiday to make bourgeois authorities happy.

The Russian bourgeoisie has even taken pains to make November 7, 2017 a working day. Not to mention that for many years it has been trying to erase the memory of this great day from the consciousness of our people. It has even invented a special holiday for this – the day of some kind of unity, which, of course, has not become a national holiday, despite the heaps of days off to accompany it.

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