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On class position

On_class_positionSince we live in a class society and the interests of our two main social classes – those of the bourgeoisie and the proletariat – are completely opposite, therefore, in this kind of society there could be no inter-class (allegedly objective) position. Even if we look at the events in this society not as their participant, but as an outside observer, still it is impossible to refrain from accepting a particular point of view, which corresponds with the perspective of one of the opposing forces. Having a classless position in a class society is like trying to sit in between two chairs – you will inevitably find yourself falling off from both chairs and hitting the floor. Continue reading

What kind of society do we live in?

bogaty_bedny_300Most likely none of our readers will be surprised to find out that the contemporary Russian society is not a fair society. In our country, this has already become obvious to everyone.

The contemporary Russian society cannot provide equality and prosperity for all its citizens. Here in Russia, some people are allowed everything, while others are allowed nothing. Some people are rich, while others scramble for food. Continue reading

About the legal side of universal “quarantine”

iHaving met passive resistance from working people against “quarantine” and house arrest up until now, the fascists threaten us with emergency measures, i.e. implementing “the state of emergency” in big cities and in the whole country. Obviously, such regimen will allow the fascists to carry on the behest of the Tsar’s general Trepov who famously said “Do not spare bullets!”

Of course, it’s best to fight the fascist emergency with our own proletarian emergency, we have to respond to the fascist white terror by implementing red terror. But we’re not quite there yet. Continue reading

“Deadly” Coronavirus?

shutterstock_1626688432The “lethality” of coronavirus COVID-19 is being trumpeted by every media today. The purpose of this whole inflating hysteria surrounding the virus is obvious: to sow fear among the workers — i.e. implement ideological terror (Latin terror — “fear, dread”). In order to do this, small bits of information, minimum objective facts and maximum subjective interpretations are reported. Continue reading

The end of the thief

national_frontThe end of the thief is the gallows, as the saying goes. And farmers have long noticed that if a timid sheep is chased into a corner for slaughter, it bites and lashes at you.

It seems that the freedom-loving Italian people have had enough of the fascist “quarantine”. There are signs that the workers of France are also coming to their senses. One can only wish that the revolutionary awakening of the working people of these countries occurred as soon, as strong and as organized as possible. So that the French and Italian bourgeoisie could be defeated and buried in a coffin for good. Continue reading

On daily routine of arrested children

1513694222_tae-768x512The bourgeoisie loves their underage children, seeing them, first and foremost, as heirs and successors of the capitalist profiteering. Therefore, the children of big bourgeois are carefully guarded from any dangers and hardships, for them, with their parents’ money, with our labor, the best living conditions are provided.

These conditions, among other things, include a proper, healthy daily routine, recreation and study regimen, maintaining appropriate and scientifically validated (by the Soviet Stalinist science) sanitary conditions. Continue reading