The end of the thief

national_frontThe end of the thief is the gallows, as the saying goes. And farmers have long noticed that if a timid sheep is chased into a corner for slaughter, it bites and lashes at you.

It seems that the freedom-loving Italian people have had enough of the fascist “quarantine”. There are signs that the workers of France are also coming to their senses. One can only wish that the revolutionary awakening of the working people of these countries occurred as soon, as strong and as organized as possible. So that the French and Italian bourgeoisie could be defeated and buried in a coffin for good.

People realized that the coronavirus “epidemic” is a scam of the oligarchy and its government. Work Way has explained the goal of this scam in its article “The virus of fascism“. The global financial capital has gone on the offensive against the working class and working people of all countries. The top management of the fascist bourgeoisie has put dozens, if not millions of people under arrest and is using armed force to hold them back. For this purpose, it’s moving its troops and concentrating them in key locations to make it easier to suppress any “slave rebellion”. For this purpose, it is seizing all amateur organizations, from school clubs to trade unions, and subjugating them. The bourgeoisie have shut down schools in order to lower the proletarian kids to the level of a 19th century peasant school. They are blocking roads and bridges, separating one workers’ neighborhood from another. Grabbing workers in the streets and throwing them back in the concentration camp. Forbidding our children to go out, because then they would be able to communicate with each other and break the spell of the intoxicating and mind-numbing fascist propaganda; through their kids, parents would be able to communicate with each other as well.

The largest capitalists of different countries and different groups needed some kind of convenient excuse for the decisive attack on the rights and lives of the people. And they have found such an excuse. Mass psychosis and insanity around an ordinary flu epidemic are very convenient because, first of all, it is hard for progressive workers to convince other workers that there is no epidemic, but instead there is yet another crime of the bourgeoisie, desperately struggling to deal with the revolutionary upsurge and trying to solve their troubles related to the global economic crisis. The power of television is so great that in a matter of one week you can turn normal, sane people into idiots, or rather, make them fall into temporary idiocy. Many workers realize that what they see with their eyes is white. But if for an entire week from morning till evening they are being told that what they see is actually black, at the end of the week people will start to doubt their own eyes and sanity: they will think, “perhaps what we see IS in fact black, and we’re wrong?”

In addition, the fascist governments are desperately trying to sell all sorts of “opinions of doctors and scientists.” They expect that many of our workers will automatically trust the authority of medicine and biology, the authority of science, and therefore deceiving and scaring the masses will be nice and easy, just by hiding behind “science”. It is not so easy for progressive workers to smash all the “evidence supporting the global epidemic,” when our naive workers are quoting TV “doctors” and “scientists”.

However, it’s time for all workers to realize that today’s bourgeoisie is not about science or scientists, but instead it employs hacks and half-learned liars who will broadcast any obscurantist or schizoid “theory”, as long as this “theory” is beneficial to capitalists and allowing such “scientists” to eat generously out of the bourgeois trough.

The convenience of fabricating an epidemic also lies in the fact that a real epidemic does not manifest itself as openly as, for example, a flood or an earthquake. Capitalist governments expect workers to be not only politically ignorant, but also scientifically. We can talk about an epidemic when 10% of the population in the same area get quickly infected with the same disease.. TV presenters are hollering about how there is already an epidemic in some states and people from other countries think it must be true. But where is the objective scientific evidence that there is an epidemic of the virus in Italy and France? There is no such evidence.

To make it even harder for the people to figure out whether there is an epidemic somewhere or not, the bourgeoisie is hastily shutting down borders and putting those who are coming in from other countries and who may tell about the real situation, away on quarantine.

Secondly, day and night bourgeois governments are pretending to be terribly concerned about fighting the virus and the well being of their citizens. Hundreds of millions of people are getting tricked by this lie. Capitalists don’t care about the well being of millions of their slaves. They know too well that neither they, nor their prostitutes or their spawn can ever be threatened by any epidemic, and if one of those should really happen, they could always just hide in the Tyrolean Alps or on the Cook Islands.

As of now, we have allowed them to literally stall us like animals. Allowed them (without even a court order) to put us under arrest. Allowed the fascists to destroy the rest of our precious civil rights and liberties. Let’s sum it up: a tiny minority — approximately 0.3% of the Russian population, who hold 98% of the means of production and have approximately 5% of the Russian population that are well-armed, at their disposal, are doing what they want to the remaining 94.7% of the Russian population.

Is this a normal state of affairs? And what kind of conclusion can be drawn from it?

The fascist bourgeoisie is forcing hundreds of thousands of stalls, shops, small companies to shut down. The largest capital with the help of “quarantine” intends to destroy millions of small proprietors and medium-sized capitalists. Financial big shots, in order to survive the competition, needed to get their hands on all the profit small businesses used to own, all the little segments and niches of the market in which small and medium businesses used to operate. Oligarchy demands the entire market, without any exemptions, it has to get all the thin and thinnest cash streams and threads that used to feed the younger brothers in class.

We’re headed toward the entire market of consumer goods getting captured and monopolized by two or three groups of finance capital that determine the entire Russian policy, internal and external. This means that we, the consumers, won’t have a choice where and what to buy. No markets, no stalls, no quarterly shops. Only large shops and networks belonging to the main billionaires of Russia and the West.

Is that a good thing?

Most of us realize that it is clearly a bad thing. It means squared and cubed exploitation of our labor. It means poverty and constant deprivation for millions of workers, much worse than it was even in the “scary” 1990s. It means crushing unemployment due to across-the-board reductions of production all over the country and rapid proletarianization of millions of small owners. This is complete disempowerment of workers.

This is what’s causing the need for (in order to hold back the masses) “epidemics,” bullets, arrests, prisons and labor camps. Full and open fascism has come into our house, with arrests in the streets, with penalties for leaving the house, with the detention of children.

Shame on those leftists who couldn’t see it coming a couple of months ago and kept saying that “there is no open dictatorship”, meaning there is no fascism. Well, here it is, enjoy the ride!

Today workers will not be able to defeat fascism on their own. We need a nationwide, united antifascist front. This front should include not only the proletariat and other working people. As it was mentioned above, the dictatorship of big capital especially harms small and medium-sized businesses. You can’t run a small business without the full democratic rights and freedoms of people. This coincides with the political interests of the working class for whom democratic rights and freedoms are vitally important, in order to fight for their liberation. The fascist government has spent years talking about supporting small businesses, “social cooperation of business and workers” and the like, but in the end all it did was prepare small businesses for being devoured by the oligarchy.

Today small and medium business can only survive in alliance with the working class and other oppressed workers — on the basis of common anti-fascist struggle with the big bourgeoisie and its government, on the basis of common struggle for democracy and parliamentary freedom.

Fascism smothers all that is young and growing. It prevents university and school students from studying properly and having all the necessary rights and privileges of adolescence and youth. Fascism cripples and poisons the minds of students. It forces youth into silence and shoves them into its Hitler Youth movement, with its tedious drills, humiliation and bullying. For the slightest resistance to terror, for refusing to wear the muzzle and the leash, students are expelled from universities, sent to the army and imprisoned. The imperialist bourgeoisie intends to use the future of the people as cannon fodder in its predatory wars. It intends to put down millions of our boys at the frontline, sending them to seize the wealth of foreign countries and peoples. It is about to cripple the lives of millions of our girls by turning them into slaves and prostitutes, who are forced to sell themselves for food.

Should the youth put up with this situation? No, they must not put up with it.

And did our women sign up for a mass arrest? Did they agree to let their children be tortured by home confinement? Did they give the authorities their consent to the absence of work, the shutdowns of schools, kindergartens, antenatal clinics, shops and other places that women need in order to have a normal life? No, they did not give their consent. Do our mothers raise their children just so all kinds of führers can send them to slaughter, making new billions for a bunch of degenerate oligarchs? No, that’s not what women give birth and raise children for. Therefore, no one is interested in fascism being defeated and destroyed more strongly than our women.

The biggest capitalists and their government mob are determined to deprive our elderly of their pensions. Indeed, the bourgeoisie is forced to spend a huge part of the profit not on the preparation for another predatory war, not on renewing capital, not on police and prisons, but to waste it on useless things — such as providing for former workers and laborers. Those slaves of capital who once enriched it through their labor, and now can’t offer it a surplus value.

For capitalists such unproductive expenditures are unbearable. The very existence of these expenses directly and flagrantly contradicts the main economic law of capitalism today: maximum profit at any cost and by any means. And therefore, the bourgeoisie will inevitably cancel pension provision — if not today, then tomorrow. (In Russia fascist-friendly Constitution amendments have already been prepared for this purpose).

The need for this was voiced by capitalists and their senior servants all the way back in the 1990s. Back Then, late Kadyrov was “educating” people about the fact that pensions are unnecessary, really, and according to Caucasian tradition, children must provide for their elderly parents. Apparently, that’s what Allah and the previous ancestors bequeathed. But at that time the enemies of the people did not dare to go through with the abolition of pensions. But now they have gained strength and finally decided to do it.

What will happen to our elderly in this case? Mass death. Let’s not deceive ourselves.

Can the working class and all those who are not oligarchs and not their lackeys let millions of their elders die a painful death? Presumably, despite our timidness and lack of organization, we can’t let the fascists kill our parents.

But the retirees themselves, those who still stand on their feet and can take action, shouldn’t just stand around away from the workers’ front and graze like cattle awaiting slaughter. Only through joined effort of all working people it is possible to defeat the fascist bourgeoisie and its government, not through splitting into pensioners and working people.

What has fascism prepared for our unemployed comrades? Clearly not a raise in benefits. Most jobs that have been prepared for them are those in penitentiaries and concentration camps, for a bowl of rotten soup.

Are the unemployed ready for this turn of events? Presumably, most of them aren’t. In the end, no matter how hard it is to stand up and fight for freedom, it is necessary to rise and confront fascism together with all workers.

All day long presidents, ministers and other fascists are going on about the restrictions of the workers’ freedom being necessary for their own good. They, these presidents and ministers, are cooing about how harmless curtailment of this or that freedom is, that “it is necessary to make some sacrifices in the face of the pandemic”.

It is a fascist lie. Firstly, we, the workers and laborers can easily do without all sorts of presidents, ministers, governors and other “caring” führers. We can decide for ourselves what is good for us and what is bad, what is beneficial and what is harmful.

Secondly, there is never enough freedom. Rights and freedoms can only be few. Freedom cannot be diminished a little, only completely. And don’t forget that every right and freedom that we now so easily cast to the fascists were conquered with the blood and lives of millions of workers and peasants. Shame on us if we betray this sacred blood.

When workers have all the possible rights and freedoms, they are not noticed, they are accepted as the norm. And this is natural. But try to Rob people of a particular right or freedom. This will immediately cause a sharp pain, as if a body part has been cut off. The order of life is immediately disrupted. Today millions of our careless citizens have learned that the hard way.

But there are different kinds of freedom. The bourgeois freedom is temporary and unreliable, as it can be promptly taken away and reduced to zero by the bourgeoisie itself. True freedom is only feasible under socialism, when the society is politically and economically dominated by the working class. Full conceivable freedom of people is only feasible under communism in its highest stage.

Does this mean that today it is possible to jump over the struggle for bourgeois rights and freedoms and begin advocating proletarian democracy straight away? No, it doesn’t. It will not work: the struggle for proletarian revolution and democracy to industrial workers and other laborers needs the most convenient political conditions. Such conditions are ensured by the bourgeois-democratic rights and freedoms. The fascist bourgeoisie is aware of this, hence its swift, rushing attack on these civil and political rights and freedoms.

But we have to remember that hitlers come and go, while the working class, all working people have always been and always will be. These hitlers and their police and army are not as scary as they look on TV or outside in the streets. What’s scary is when workers are alone and away from each other. What’s scary is when the fascists grab individual workers in front of the rest, and the others scatter in different directions. The fascists themselves are not at all scary when thousands of industrial workers and other laborers stand up against their bloodthirsty mob. It’s not at all scary when the entire arrested city pours into the streets and squares and demands its civil rights and freedoms. Let the fascists try to defeat the people. History has proven that it is impossible!

We must protect freedom and democracy from fascism, defend and expand our political and civil rights – this is the common task today for all forces of the working people, all democratic and freedom-loving layers and segments of our society.


Unite and stop the fascist plague spreading in our home!

Throw fascists and their minions in the dock of people’s court!

MLLM “Work way”

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