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On flu, acute respiratory infections and immunity

Before moving on to the main discussion, a clarification must be made. A recent Work Way article “On vaccinations” defines killed vaccines:

“Killed vaccines are obtained from pathogenic microbes by neutralising them with various chemicals (formalin, etc.), by heating them or by ultraviolet rays. Such are the killed vaccines against typhoid, cholera and tick-borne encephalitis”.

Here we need to make it clear that neutralising the germs in such vaccines does not mean that all the viruses in them die. Most often, vaccines are treated with formalin. But formalin does not completely kill viruses and bacteria, but biochemically binds them and makes them inactive.

Viruses and bacteria lose their vitality and ability to harm living beings under the influence of formalin, but remain alive. This situation is absolutely necessary because completely dead viruses and bacteria cannot create immunity in the human body. This is directly linked to the function of the immune system in humans and animals: only living viruses and bacteria can cause disease, which means that only living viruses and bacteria can be detected by the immune system and recognised as a threat to the body. Continue reading

On the Causes of the USSR Destruction. Answers of WW to some misguided comrades

It is hardly worth saying that the question of the causes of the death of the USSR is still now being discussed in the left and communist movements in Russia and the republics of the former USSR (as well as throughout the world): it is a common knowledge. The question is really important, because the answer to it directly defines the answer to another question – what should the working class  and the working people do next, which way have they to  go, where to move and what to strive for.

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«Belavezha Accords»: How and Why the USSR Was Destroyed

On the 8th of December the working population of former Soviet socialist and now bourgeois republics called to memory a tragic date — another anniversary of signing of the ill-fated Belavezha Accords, by which in a sense the process of the USSR destruction was accomplished and legalized.

The great country, that had been astonishing the whole world with its tremendous success in economy, as well as in politics, and in the social sphere for the 70 previous years, suffered the  final and terminating blow which made the country cease to exist. From that day the USSR became mentioned only in the past tense. And the Soviet people, who had never wished that, proved unable to prevent the process, and they have to pay for their weakness up to the present.

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