COVID is everywhere and nowhere at the same time

ertuktrFrom the Editorial Board of Work Way. This article was sent to us by one of our readers. The author’s point of view on the issues considered in the article about the existence of the novel coronavirus SARS-COV2 and the disease called “COVID-19” is not the official position of Work Way’s editorial office, but the arguments and facts presented in the article merit serious consideration.

COVID is everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

I’m going to start discussing the essence of the novel coronavirus SARS-COV2 by looking at this amazing news article.

The remarkable thing about this article is that almost everything that is being said in it gets immediately debunked. See for yourself:

  1. The article says that,

    “A temporary hospital for coronavirus patients has been deployed inside the exhibition center “Crocus Expo” near Moscow”.

And then:

    “At the same time, there are officially no patients with COVID-19 in it. Not a single patient at “Crocus” has yet been confirmed to have coronavirus: all of them have bilateral non-hospital polysegmental pneumonia”.

There is a contradiction here: the hospital, which has been urgently built for patients, accommodates anyone but the patients with COVID.

  1. The article says that,

    “Crocus Expo” has employed doctors and nurses, of whom colleagues spoke very well. In addition to professionals, other specialists have gotten involved in the work process, having previously gone through retraining during the epidemic.  Nurses are students of miscellaneous universities and colleges: lawyers, engineers, plumbers, salesmen.

And then:

    “One of the doctors said that they have staff who “basically don’t know how to do anything – one out of ten nurses can hit a vein”.

Again, there is a contradiction: the nursing staff is very good, but also very bad.

Next, there is more:

    “After the first week of work, the hospital began to run out of personal protective equipment: “those uneducated nurses” soaked removable filters for protective masks in chlorine, which caused them to lose their functionality, said one doctor”.

But the “non-professionals” could not do something on their own initiative – they were told to do it by a professional doctor, their boss.

Again, this is yet another contradiction.

  1. “One patient praised the conditions in the hospital, but noted the lack of drugs and qualified staff. According to him, the doctor, whose treatment helped the patient, has been suspended for “demanding too many medicines and “Crocus” could not buy them in time”. Patients also say that the hospital does not have CT machines and blood thinners, and the entire treatment simply comes down to prescribing drugs from malaria”.

Again, the contradiction is that the patient praised the conditions by subjecting them to harsh criticism. And taking into account other patients’ testimony, it is completely mind-boggling anyone could praise the conditions in the first place!

  1. The article says that,

    “The temporary hospital has turned out to be not an observatory for “light” patients, as it was initially stated: people from the risk group are also brought there. There are severe patients, including those who are hooked up to invasive mechanical ventilation”.

So what exactly is a temporary hospital? What kind of patients are stationed there? There are no ventilators and there can’t be any: cubicles in pavilions are not suitable for this! An IMV device is not a thing that I brought and turned on in the middle of a field. It does not work by itself – there are a lot of other units, a whole laboratory around one patient (or several), plus a team of doctors and a whole pile of all kinds of drug labs. (Purchasing a IMV is nonsense, just blowing smoke in your eyes: it can’t be just bought by itself. It’s like buying a car in ancient Rome. It won’t drive without fuel, spare parts, maintenance stations, without roads, without the ability to keep all of the above in functional state and without the need to operate).

    The budget is gigantic – about 2 billion rubles, and what has it been spent on exactly? Why was the temporary facility built at all, if there is no one to treat in it, if there are no COVID patients in there?

    This hospital is one big infection unit, dedicated to treating COVID, yet it is taking in absolutely anyone and placing them in conditions that ensure cross-infection.

What is that article even about?

What an amazing way to inform the population!

It’s not clear who is being treated in that hospital at all. There may be no pneumonia, or maybe there is. In general, you don’t understand which piece of information to believe: EVERY PIECE of information the article gives, gets debunked in that same article. In fact, the only thing that becomes clear is that there are just random patients lying in that hospital all infecting each other,that the observatories are being created in order to imitate an epidemic, and in fact, this is just an excuse to pass the state budget money to the oligarchs.

This is, indeed, the only explanation. However…

I don’t really understand how these temporary hospitals contain thousands of patients. It is unclear to me why those patients don’t go on the Internet and post their impression of these hospitals. You know? I don’t see thousands or at least hundreds of complaints if everything is so bad. Have they been banned from accessing the web? Meanwhile, there are  pictures of these hospitals on the Internet with patients looking at their smartphones or reading books. You can see that some cretin has forced everyone to wear masks – patients even sleep in them. But if I am correct in my assumptions, all of those people are actually actors. Otherwise they are prisoners – people who are completely devoid of human rights! One does not rule out the other, maybe they are both actors and prisoners isolated from each other.

There is another option: there are no patients in these hospitals! And this trick is used in other countries as well. With rare exceptions, they all show completely empty pavilions with hundreds of beds, supposedly ready to accept and save dying patients (that don’t exist!)… Facebook is not exploding with any selfies. Those are simply Potemkin villages (A “Potemkin village” is any construction (literal or figurative) whose sole purpose is to provide an external façade to a country which is faring poorly, making people believe that the country is faring better. The term comes from stories of a fake portable village built solely to impress Empress Catherine II by her former lover Grigory Potemkin, during her journey to Crimea in 1787).

Of course, in filling hospitals with patients there is some combination of the first, second and third option. Half-empty hospitals with hostages and actors instead of patients who really need help and hospitalization. None of them go on social networks, yet, people stay in there not just for a day or two, but for weeks. And there is nothing to do there, especially for “mild” patients.

Almost the only exception is a certain Oksana Kutafina-Shishlova, a patient from the temporary hospital in “Lenexpo” in St. Petersburg, but her written personal complaint to Governor Beglov and numerous notes about her life in the hospital only confirm the fear that the hospital is fake. After all, the reports made by Oksana are such that if the hospital was indeed filled with real patients, the Internet would be exploding with similar reports. Nontheless, Oksana’s notes successfully do their propaganda work: they convince you that there is a living witness, that the virus is real, that people are getting infected with it, that it is dangerous, and that these hospitals really do have patients.

Conclusion: the whole reportage was made up, from the first word to the last word. The journalist did not talk to any real patients or doctors.


And now the most interesting part.

You know, I re-read data and reports on coronavirus over and over again, a lot of data, a lot. And I do not see any traces of a novel coronavirus. In general, I do not see a new pathogen. There is nothing in this pathogen that makes it a different pathogen from any other pathogen. There are no specific clinical features. COVID-19 does not exist. At all.

It’s just ridiculous! I mean the provided evidence of the disease. I do not know what this  disease is, exactly. I do not see any description of it. It does not exist, all those features that are being talked about are nonsense, it cannot be the same disease. It behaves like different diseases. In one case it is measles, in another it is scarlet or dysentery, figuratively speaking.

I do not see a clear description of the clinical features, upon reading which we can conclude that this is indeed “COVID-19”…

The causative agent of this “disease” does not have any specific features. It’s just a picture of something that looks like a microscopic hedgehog. And apart from that there is nothing.

But this isn’t a new pathogen. This is what all coronaviruses look like. There are no pictures that distinguish this particular coronavirus from others: it’s like, hey guys, have a look at this new coronavirus SARS-COV2, and then at another coronavirus over here. See the difference? This one has 50-80 needles, and this one has over 2000. Or, this one has needles shaped like this, and this one has soft needles. And all I see are either some cartoon drawings or just some hedgehog-shaped object.

These pictures don’t prove anything. The location of the nucleotides in the virus does not prove anything. The main thing is what the virus does. What makes a pathogen a pathogen. Coronavirus induced pathologies. About which we can say: the clinical presentation is vivid.

So far, nothing. To this day, this notorious “uniqueness” of COVID is still being frantically searched for. But it still hasn’t been found… And people are being shamelessly fooled. Here is, for example, the news from May 22, 2020 about the clinical features of coronavirus. It talks about a comparative analysis of people who “died  from COVID-19″ and people who “died from flu”:

    “In the course of comparing the cases of patients who died from COVID-19, both common signs of lung damage were recorded, as well as specific. For instance, in samples of lung tissue of some of the deceased, there were found signs of progression of pulmonary vascular diseases”.

However, this is followed by the debunking of this feature, which reduces the scientists’ output to zero:

    “Blood vessels getting damaged by the virus may also be at the heart of other problems that COVID-19 patients experience. These are complications in the form of Kawasaki syndrome in children, strokes and other problems that do not seem to be related to the virus,” the researchers noted.

Nothing is mentioned about whether the corpse of the “deceased from COVID-19” was checked for influenza and other respiratory viruses.

Also, I don’t see a pneumonia outbreak. It’s simulated, too, just like the “COVID-19 epidemic”. The situation with “Crocus Expo” is the living proof of that. A huge hospital is built, meant to accommodate an avalanche of COVID patients, and instead of getting filled up, it creates the illusion of being filled up the hospital with patients who either don’t need hospitalization or have nothing to do with COVID. They are just suspected of having “COVID induced pneumonia”.

But it does not exist, this COVID induced pneumonia, it’s just as stupid as the COVID itself. It’s just a collective image of different viruses. There are no clear guidelines for diagnosing COVID – yet, that’s the cornerstone of any treatment of any disease. And if the country announces a heightened state of readiness for emergencies due to COVID, this guide should be available to the general public at any time of day and night. From Chukotka to Kaliningrad.

This manual should be available not tomorrow, not in the near future, but before declaring a pandemic and taking actions to limit social interaction. Otherwise, you might get to a point where the whole country starts treating a runny nose or herpes by cutting off the patient’s head.

But six months have passed, and not a single serious publication on COVID in sight. Nobody does any research. Nobody cultivates and tries to grow SARS-COV2. There is a video with a virologist from Germany saying that he failed to grow a live virus from viruses left on doors and other objects in a house with COVID patients. Not once did he manage to do that!

Has anyone ever seen this virus alive? Where and under what circumstances? Where is the evidence of the SARS-COV2 pathogenicity? Where is the proof that it’s not harmless (or relatively harmless), that it live next to more pathogenic relatives? Take the herpes virus, for example: it is present in most people, and one can find it in almost any corpse of someone who died from pneumonia. And then say that the cause of death was herpes. Not regular herpes, but some kind of tyranno-herpes-rex. Mutant killer. And then start a war with this “mutant”, which had nothing to do with anything.

Everybody is looking for corona in places where there are either no pathologies at all, or there are pathologies that are indistinguishable from those already known. And they can’t find it anywhere, floating in proud solitude. Each time there is only some kind of incomprehensible “probability”. What is this nonsense? This is not medical science, this is just random guessing.

For example, here is an interesting paper called “The pathological anatomy of COVID-19”. The new infection is talked about in a very vague way:

    “Information about the epidemiology, clinical features, prevention and treatment of the new coronavirus infection COVID-19 is still limited and refreshed almost daily.”

No exact references to scientific papers are given. Some fairy tales from the “experience of Chinese colleagues” are quoted, absolutely unproven and unspecified. After reading about the new coronavirus infection, you still can’t say something like, oh yes, now I understand what this virus is.

    “The diagnosis of COVID-19 is considered to be finally proven only if SARS-CoV-2 virus is detected by PCR method in certified laboratories, but also clinically justified if based on the CT data, the epidemiological history and clinical examination, in accordance with the regulatory papers of the Russian Ministry of Health and the Department of Health in Moscow”.

But PCR does not give an accurate result, and the mysterious “CT data”, “epidemiological anamnesis” and “clinical examination” cannot be considered a scientific recommendation, but rather a judicial recommendation. (It is noteworthy that anti-corona measures in general do not comply with a single sanitary norm or hygienic standard and are simply imposed by the top officials of the country and its individual regions using exclusively treacherous and violent administrative and police methods, rather than educational and sanitary and preventive).

In addition to the lack of any unique clinical presentation, this disease has a number of other properties that cannot be called the property of one disease. This disease affects human populations in completely different ways. And even similar populations within the same country are affected differently. Countries with very weak healthcare systems, screaming poor sanitation, do not suffer much from the disease.

Let me summarize. The flow of information about COVID-19 disease is very controversial and not informative at the moment. The disease is not defined in any way, not described in any way. There is nothing in this SARS virus that would make it different from other SARS viruses. Nothing that could be called “clinical features of COVID-19”. COVID is completely dissolved in other acute respirator infections. It does not change the usual seasonal pattern of common colds and flu. Based on the available information, it is impossible to distinguish it and treat as a separate disease. There is not a single fact about COVID-19 which relies on evidence-based medicine.

So, comrades, we are dealing with an entity that does not have any intelligible distinguishing features, an entity that cannot be detected in action.

All the results of actions attributed to the given entity are perfectly explained by the results of actions of other entities whose presence is ignored. In addition, this entity has mutually exclusive properties, it is self-contradictory: its existence contradicts its existence.  This means that the entity makes no sense, it is false.


What is said to the public about COVID-19 is fiction, a collective image. If there is any “new” type of SARS, its trace among other respiratory viruses is being deliberately hidden behind an avalanche of lies and completely shameless sabotage of scientific approach to medicine. And this means that this SARS, if it is a reality, is not dangerous. In any case, at the moment, to speak of COVID-19 as an existing disease is pseudo-scientific. The disease is not defined!

I can’t help noticing that the situation with the definition of COVID is similar to the definition of a zodiac sign. With any set of SARS symptoms, we can diagnose “COVID-19”. The only criterion is the presence of a certain virus, whose pathogenic properties have not been described, have not been proved and are not going to be proven. We can take any COVID patient, list his symptoms, medical history, and no doctor will be able to tell whether this is COVID or not without test results. But the test, firstly, is unreliable, and secondly, it does not prove anything.

The same way in horoscopes the date of birth determines a person’s character traits. There is no science there. It’s impossible to determine your character traits by your date of birth. A person’s personality is the result of circumstances and education, not the date of birth and parameters of birth.

This discussion of COVID-19 clearly reveals a paradoxical fact. We hear every minute about COVID-19, the news reports are riddled with coronavirus, our whole life now depends on this new entity. And it doesn’t exist! This “disease” has not shown itself in any way: it hasn’t gone beyond what any common cold or flu can do, it cannot be distinguished from other viruses and hasn’t changed the general disease levels in the population.

In fact, it’s not a paradox. It’s the direct consequence and a clear proof of the true lack of information on COVID-19 – an illusion, skillfully created by the media, in which we were simply forced to believe.

Timiryazev I.E.

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