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Mandatory masks on patients is sabotage, not “caring about people”

bringing-patients-back-to-the-doctors-office-after-covid-19Unfortunately, it is now safe to say that practically the entire “left-wing” movement of the Russian Federation has actively joined in on assisting the feigning of a “pandemic” of a scientifically undefined disease “COVID-19”, carried out by the authorities. By doing so, they completely exposed their imitative nature: in their rhetoric, lefties use “near-Marxist” terminology and oppose the authorities, but in practice, they fully support the fascist initiative of the authorities, discredit the proud ranks of Marxists and Communists, and undermine the very foundations of the revolutionary labor movement. The Tyumen-based (Translator’s note: Tyumen is a city in Western Siberia) interregional association “Molot” (“Hammer”) was no exception, working hard to spread the coronavirus lies. Continue reading

Introduction of mandatory wearing of face masks is null and void

10090Contrary to the persistent “unwillingness” of COVID-19 disease to spread to a scale at least comparable to what is considered an epidemic in terms of evidence-based medicine, the authorities have taken another ridiculous step: a number of regions have introduced the so-called “mandatory mask wearing”. In this regard, the question of legitimacy of this “quarantine measure” immediately arises.

Many Russian citizens, fortunately, understand the absurdity of the current “quarantine measures”, including this one, and quite rightly consider this “measure” to be yet another act of public humiliation and robbery of all and everyone, which the authorities have been imposing on the population. Continue reading

COVID is everywhere and nowhere at the same time

ertuktrFrom the Editorial Board of Work Way. This article was sent to us by one of our readers. The author’s point of view on the issues considered in the article about the existence of the novel coronavirus SARS-COV2 and the disease called “COVID-19” is not the official position of Work Way’s editorial office, but the arguments and facts presented in the article merit serious consideration.

COVID is everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

I’m going to start discussing the essence of the novel coronavirus SARS-COV2 by looking at this amazing news article.

The remarkable thing about this article is that almost everything that is being said in it gets immediately debunked. See for yourself: Continue reading