On legality of “quarantine” and on “mathematical modelling” of infectious diseases

law-gavel-legal-halakha-croppedNot so long ago, on April 17, 2020, a reader’s letter called “Lawless and order” was published on our website. Noting the reader’s observation that the Russian authorities have imposed laws that seem to justify the restrictions of social activity of citizens and their basic rights and freedoms, and sharing his indignation, I would like, however, to complement and clarify some of his conclusions.

The clarifications I’d like to make are actually serious, since de facto what we are witnessing is abuse of power and arbitrariness by the top officials of the Russian government, the presence of which the dear comrade has missed. The fact is that no one has given them unlimited powers to declare whatever they want. Neither President Putin nor governors can demand from the people that they comply with ANY directives, even in connection with emergency situations. Everything has to be justified. Including quarantine measures. And the authorities did not present any substantiation, nor did they even try to do so. (They didn’t even try because there is no possible justification for what they’re doing, I shall elaborate that further below.) It means that people are not obliged to comply with anything. The authorities are obliged to refer to and adhere to epidemic standards, regulations, etc.: only then would the epidemiological measures they are currently undertaking be legal.

So anyway, the authorities appeal to Article 5 of the Federal Law-52 called “On Sanitary and Epidemiological Well-being of the Population”, issued on March 30, 1999, which gives them the right to “introduce and cancel restrictive measures (quarantine) in the Russian Federation”.

A question immediately arises: on what scientific basis and based on what epidemiological standards did the authorities introduce quarantine measures?

Answer: this scientific basis and these epidemiological standards don’t exist, otherwise they would have long been promulgated.

Meaning that the application of any of the articles of the Federal Law-52 “On sanitary and epidemiological well-being of the population”, issued on March 30, 1999, is unjustified.

Why so?

Because these kinds of issues are not supposed to be worked out on the sly! Moreover, it has been a month and a half already since the announcement of some mysterious “maximum alert”, and there is no justification for it, and never was!

In fact, the above-mentioned Law says:

“Article 1: Basic concepts

hygienic standard – allowed maximum or minimum quantitative and (or) qualitative value of the index, which characterizes this or that factor of the habitat from the point of view of its safety and (or) harmlessness to humans, established by the research;

sanitary-epidemiological requirements – mandatory requirements to ensure the safety and (or) innocuousness to humans of the environmental factors, conditions of operation of legal entities and citizens, including individual entrepreneurs, territories, buildings, structures, facilities, equipment, vehicles, failure to comply with which poses a threat to human life or health, a threat of disease emergence and spread, and which are established by the state sanitary-epidemiological rules and hygienic norms (hereinafter – sanitary rules), and in relation to product safety and the process of its production, storage, transportation, sale, operation, application (use) and disposal, which are established by documents adopted in accordance with international agreements of the Russian Federation and technical regulations;

limiting measures (quarantine) – administrative, medical and sanitary, veterinary and other measures directed on prevention of spread of infectious diseases and providing for a special mode of economic and other activity, restriction of movement of population, vehicles, cargoes, goods and animals

Article 2: Ensuring sanitary and epidemiological well-being of the population

  1. Sanitary and epidemiological well-being of the population is ensured through:

– Formation and maintenance of open and publicly available federal information resources aimed at timely informing public authorities, local authorities, legal entities, individual entrepreneurs and citizens about the emergence of infectious diseases, mass non-infectious diseases (poisonings), the state of the habitat and conducted sanitary and epidemiological (preventive) activities;

Article 5. The powers of the Russian Federation in the field of sanitary and epidemiological well-being of the population.

The powers of the Russian Federation include:

– state sanitary-epidemiological rationing;

– establishment of a unified system of state accounting and reporting in the field of sanitary-epidemiological well-being of the population;

– timely and complete information of state authorities, local authorities, legal entities, individual entrepreneurs and citizens about the sanitary and epidemiological situation, about conducted and/or planned sanitary and epidemiological (preventive) measures, including restrictive ones, about the emergence or threat of infectious diseases and mass non-infectious diseases (poisonings).

And what do we have? No references to sanitary-epidemiological (SE) rationing and hygienic standards (to any of the above-mentioned epidemic standards and thresholds!), no reporting! Exactly the opposite: complete secrecy, treachery and opacity of the governmental actions. Instead of informing citizens and businesses in a timely and complete manner, more treachery, more delusion, providing unscientific information, non-critical use of foreign sources (e.g. data provided by the World Health Organization – the puppet of American monopolies), manipulation and psychological terror by the authorities through the media.

No reliable information about governmental plans is given. On the contrary, there is complete uncertainty. At no time, including the speeches of the president of the Russian Federation, have any specifics been voiced. All the measures taken by the authorities are contradictory and make no sense, they go against the goals that are declared, against everything that we know about the fight against dangerous diseases in the past. Extraordinary actions by the authorities, such as the house arrest of the entire population of the country, REQUIRE extraordinary strictly scientific evidence!

For example, the official statements such as “we need to delay the peak of the epidemic” need to be backed up by comparative standards, and all we see is fraud, silence and lies instead.

Instead of forming and maintaining open and publicly available federal resources for timely scientific information, we see and hear the rumors of ignorance, panic, lies, threats and horror stories. It is embarrassing to listen to, sometimes. No one is educating the public! On the contrary, the authorities themselves are forcing civil servants, including punitive authorities, and even doctors, to perform a bunch of rituals that have nothing to do with fighting the epidemic.

For example, continuously walking around in masks, wearing biological protection of the highest level, in a knowingly incorrect or inappropriate way. The measures that have been introduced, as of now, almost no one considers adequate, except for a tiny number of philistines who have completely lost their minds and critical thinking. And after all this, claiming that the authorities act according to the law? Why?! People MUST demand from the authorities everywhere, including in case of the local ones, the justification of the “quarantine measures”!

Otherwise, it may not stop there! I mean, really, what if the authorities force everyone to take off their pants and walk around with their bare ass sticking out in order to “fight coronavirus”? Won’t anyone ask how exactly it helps to suppress the virus threat? Will they keep their pants down, exposing their private parts for the amusement of the fascists? Or maybe they will demand the permission not to take off their pants completely, but partially, say, only to the knee? Of course not! No one would shift one inch towards performing that sort of “antiviral” measure. Only at gunpoint!

And why? Because the absurdity of this measure is obvious. But the absurdity of ordering healthy people to stay home on house arrest, of closing schools and businesses and of stopping all social activity in the country is also obvious to many millions of our citizens. For example, how can sitting inside your car on a motorway and going for a stroll in the forest effect the development of the epidemic? And what about banning people from doing sport at sports grounds? These measures are exactly the same as removing your pants in public in order to “fight the epidemic”!

Work Way has published a brochure called “The Great Coronavirus Hoax“, as well as a number of additional articles, such as “On Combating Epidemics”, leaving no doubt for those who have ever thought about the adequacy or inadequacy of “quarantine” measures.

And yet, there are also citizens who totally succumbed to the coronavirus hysteria, the mouthpieces of which skillfully manipulate the public ignorance about natural sciences. This hysteria has so completely enveloped the minds of those who turned out to be the least prepared to withstand total fascist deception, that they refuse to pay attention to the voice of reason and logic and refuse to take into account the obvious discrepancies between the measures taken by the government and all the previous human experience in struggle against respiratory infections. Thus, this hysteria has acquired all the characteristics of religious fear and clinical mass psychosis in the face of the invasion of some kind of “all-powerful virus”.

And this religious fear or psychosis is constantly fueled, like any other religious dogma, for example, by appealing to authority (an expert, an official, etc.). There are no other ways to convince people of something that contradicts the facts observed in real life. After all, no one sees any catastrophic consequences of the announced “epidemic”. And does not see this disease at all. The disease is constantly “on a rampage” only in the media, on TV, in rumors, etc.  And at the same time, politicians are all announcing gloomy predictions about the “development of the situation”. In other words, they proceed from considerations that are unclear to the general population.

Moreover, some people take the following information seriously:

“The coronavirus epidemic in Russia will peak from 5 to 10 May, said German Gref in an interview broadcast by Sberbank TV.

According to him, Sberbank analysts have built a mathematical model that focused on comparing epidemiological processes in other countries with the situation in Russia”.

This means that the forecasts appear to be based on science. Namely, some sort of “mathematical model”. Well, let’s take a look at this model.

But where is it? Nowhere. It’s only mentioned. It’s also missing from the references in the cited article. In the meantime, in order to be critical of forecasts, you need to be able to see these forecasts: you need to see the publication of the calculations, not statements that these calculations have been made. Without the publication containing the calculations, those statements are empty words, lies aimed at general public. It’s simply impossible to assume otherwise!

The population is fooled, though taking advantage of the fact that people either have no idea what scientific research is, or are scared and demoralized to such an extent that they have lost the ability to critically perceive the incoming information. Those guys are just taking the piss, abusing the trust of the people; this is fraud, psychological terror, just as terrible in its consequences as physical terror. This should be put on trial before an open people’s court, the way the Nazis were put on trial in Nuremberg. The new fascists must be punished without any pity.

Anyway, the phrase “Sberbank predicted,” if it is submitted as a scientific statement, has to be accompanied by a scientific reference and has to rest upon indisputable evidence. Only then it is worth considering, or else it is equivalent to the phase “one granny told me”. Similarly, the forecasts of politicians, including the head of state, should above all contain scientific substantiation. Orders and regulations for the population should contain references to scientific publications available to all people. This is not a joking matter! It concerns everyone. According to the President and other officials, we are talking about a life and death situation. Our life and death. Shouldn’t we, therefore, know everything about the danger threatening us, if it really exists?

Look at the officials who participated in the online meeting on April 28, 2020 – they are not joking! Each one of them is sitting there with a focused and worried look on their face, some of them are anxiously and diligently making notes, while listening to the presidential speech. And the president is saying that the situation is extremely alarming, that the measures have to be the strictest, that the danger is right there, in front of the entrance into the country and the latter is on the verge of something truly terrible.

The president claims that some scientists, specialists and rescuers, who are constantly in touch with him, are working day and night to develop solutions concerning the current emergency measures in a constantly changing environment, which, alas, he said, is far from safe. And judging from the extraordinary measures taken, the situation is ultra dangerous. But why? How did he figure that? Where are the calculations of these scientists and specialists? Where are these mysterious “mathematical models”?

In fact, no one has ever seen a single mathematical model of the COVID-19 epidemic forecast, a model that can truly be called a mathematical model. Yes, in the network and in the media there are some charts being published, some curves in the coordinates of time and some indicators. For example, a graph of the growth of the number of detected infections by day. But this is NOT a mathematical model! It is a graphical representation of some data of unknown origin, which needs scientific analysis, interpretation and extrapolation.

Any schoolchild can draw a mere graph of the current numbers. Any quack can give some subjective interpretation of this graph. And judging by the information the general public receives, all the interpretation is really done by quacks. There is no description of the process, no description of the assumptions, no reference to the model chosen, which by law (!!!) must be available for review to anyone, there is no information on how the data is obtained, no indication of the degree of error – all of which simply MUST be a part of any scientific study.

Furthermore, all dynamic calculations of the development of outbreaks of infectious diseases are differential equations, the solutions for which depend on the (model) setting of the problem and the initial conditions. So, these initial conditions should be formulated on the basis of SCIENTIFICALY PROVEN reliable data, rather than data that does not withstand any criticism.

WHO data, for example, is based on numbers from different countries that all use different methods of counting cases, roughly speaking, that’s like dumping together grams, ounces and carats without converting all these units into a single one. Based on this fact alone, any real scientist will say that this data is just bullshit that has nothing to do with science.

Besides, there is no official criticism at all, at least in the public field, of dishonestly collected and calculated numbers, such as falsely diagnosed deaths “from coronavirus” in a number of countries – in Italy, for example. (See the articles “The great coronavirus hoax”, “Medics of the world against the coronavirus hoax”).

Solutions of differential equations must, among other things, be PROVEN AND SUSTAINABLE (both mathematically (theoretically) and in practice), otherwise the slightest oscillation of the initial conditions significantly changes the conclusion: the error may be so high that the reality may be opposite to the conclusion obtained.

If we assume that scientists use the equations of epidemic curves that had been developed earlier, which depend on such and such parameters (infection, lethality, mortality, etc.), then collecting data in order to build these curves must coincide with the collected data from which these curves were built in the past. In this case, the curves of epidemic processes of previous years and this year are constructed in the same coordinates, so that it would be possible to see at what stage of the development of a respiratory virus outbreak we are, to see if we are indeed approaching some sort of “peak”, how high this “peak” is going to be, in comparison with the previous (April) data, whether we have reached some sort of “plateau”, etc., about which the politicians and their propagandists are constantly banging on. Otherwise, the use of these terms and past developments is unscientific.

And if, for some reason, scientists suddenly decided to ignore the experience of previous years and apply a different model of the epidemic development to this virus, it is also necessary to present a serious scientific justification (with publication in Russian!), proving the necessity to apply this model and its correspondence to the observations accumulated so far.

In addition, it should be borne in mind that the contagiousness of the disease (virulence, infectiousness, etc.) is not constant in case of seasonal acute respiratory infections, they fall down to non-epidemic values in spring and summer. Meaning that the infection rates calculated in December 2019 are no longer valid in the spring and summer of 2020, they should be recalculated for the summer period, because they are now less than they were in December! Lethality should also be specified – on this topic, we have an article called “Speaking of coronavirus lethality”.

In other words, the data must make sense and be consistent and perceived critically, otherwise even entering it in a correct equation will result in complete stupidity. For example, if someone tries to calculate the area of a triangle using Heron’s formula (by the length of its sides) by entering mysteriously obtained values of 8 cm, 4 cm and 2 cm, they will get square root of a negative number. The “secret” here is that the measurements of the length of the sides of the triangle were made non-critically: there is no triangle with the sides measuring 8, 4 and 2 centimeters (the length of one of the sides exceeds the sum of the lengths of the other two)!

Next, politicians all over the world are using the term “pandemic” – COVID-19. But something is seriously wrong with this “pandemic”, judging by the way it is presented in the media, and that has to be explained. The thing is that in different countries outbreaks of “this disease” developed so differently that it is not clear whether it was the same disease or not. The disease, presented as an acute respiratory disease, unless it is indeed just a figment of someone’s imagination, must act more or less similar in similar populations. But we don’t see that! And even within the same country, for example, China, we are told about fundamentally different degrees of contamination of different regions, although there are no observable reasons for these differences.

All this makes us doubt the fairness and adequate assessment of the epidemic threat around the world, and therefore, the legitimacy of our authorities’ references to the “experience of other countries”. Moreover, there is not a single scientific publication on the epidemic process of the mysterious disease Covid-19 which is even worth consideration.

But what are we offered instead? What “epidemic peaks” is Mr. Putin babbling about, for example? About these (at the moment this one and the same picture is circulating around the world):


However, for the reasons mentioned above, this picture isn’t a mathematical model of the current epidemic situation. It’s a worthless piece of paper! The vertical axis reads “number of cases”, whatever that means (cases of what?). The horizontal axis doesn’t say anything at all, doesn’t specify the time period. There is no scale on either of the axes. The exact source of the model building is not specified. It does specify the author of this graph, if we can call it that (perhaps he is quoting someone else, but isn’t mentioning it) – it is Professor Bergstrom. He demonstrated this picture in the media in early March 2020. But the name of the study, on which the “author” relies, cannot be found. Here is one of the author’s publications on the topic – only half a page:


In the first sentence it says that the professor “has been busy working to raise awareness of the importance of accurate and reliable information regarding the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus”.

This sentence contains a link leading to… no, not to a scientific article with mathematical calculations, but to a 4-minute video clip where he tells the public “accurate and reliable information”! In front of the audience, he draws two curves by hand. Here is a stop frame from this clip:


No numbers are given! What do you think, dear readers, of such “accuracy”? But that’s not the main point. What kind of data did the “author” rely on? According to his own statement, he relied on the data obtained in China and on the existing data about “Spanish flu”, which for some reason he said was in 1917-1918, although according to the entire bourgeois medical science, as well as late Soviet medicine, which succumbed to the West, “Spanish flu” took place in 1918-1920, and then magically “disappeared”. It would be interesting to take a look at the ‘data’ that Bergstrom is talking about!

I will talk about “Spanish flu” a bit later, but for now let’s talk about the Chinese “data”. All that is publicly available about the Chinese outbreak of AVRI in winter and spring of 2019-2020 does not withstand any scientific criticism. There was an obvious imitation of some strange AVRI outbreak, with the data being clearly falsified. Lies everywhere. In the course of the outbreak, the Chinese statistics suddenly changed the “rules” of diagnosing the disease without any explanation. The diagnosis of death cases is not transparent. The diagnostics of the new AVRI as a separate viral strain is unreliable.

The number of ill and infected due to a huge number of asymptomatic infections and light forms of disease can be interpreted in whatever way you like! Figures provided by the Chinese cannot be possibly checked. They just have to be trusted. But faith is not science! It’s an area of religion. In any case, it’s not even necessary to check anything, because it is impossible to build a single clear picture of the epidemic in China: the disease behaved in a fundamentally different way in case of virtually identical parts of the Chinese population.

We can safely say that the “data from China” does not have any reliability! And we can safely say that the data is artificial, that is, simply extracted from someone’s imagination and not from real life, someone like that freak Professor Bergstrom. A critical analysis of the Chinese statistics on Covid-19 would take up a whole book. Right now, it’s quite enough that the “recent data from China”, that Bergstrom is referring to, makes no sense without specifying what data.

As for the “Spanish flu”, it has the same story behind it as COVID-19. The only difference is that the “Spanish flu victims” were counted by adding together victims of real epidemics – for example, typhus, which was raging at the time throughout the planet- and multiplying the numbers many times. The mysterious “Spanish flu” has not left any reliable statistics after itself, either. At all! And in different countries it behaved no less differently than in the present time the notorious SARS-COV2. It is surrounded by so many lies that there is no reason at all to consider the “Spanish flu” a super-lethal flu and something that caused every single death attributed to it. We can start with the fact that the diagnosis of “Spanish flu” was extremely dodgy: the flu was discovered only 15 years after the “outbreak”!

Nevertheless, there are local reliable sources on “Spanish flu”. And these sources are age-old. Due to the exceptional political importance of this topic, modern sources can only be partially trusted if they are based on the sources from those years, which had no propaganda purpose. Here is an interesting description of the “Spanish flu” in Soviet Russia, in a country that went through an imperialist war and that, at the peak of the “Spanish flu”, was going through a civil war, while simultaneously fighting foreign intervention, a country where the immunity of the population due to numerous deprivations of war and other disasters, arranged by the external and internal counterrevolution, was reduced to a minimum, in a country with the longest cold season in the world, in other words, in a country where the flu would have the most ideal conditions.

Well, “Spanish flu” epidemic was not observed in Soviet Russia at all! It didn’t exist! There were “Spanish flu” outbreaks, but they were two orders of magnitude below a real epidemic, for example, a typhus rash epidemic. All those rumors about the alleged 3 million victims of the “Spanish flu” in Soviet Russia have no confirmation at all. Even the bourgeois propagandists who have orchestrated the coronavirus scam are forced to admit it. The scale of the “Spanish flu” can be estimated based on the documents from the Kremlin’s Medical and Sanitary Department, given in an article by O.K. Kaykova (Candidate of Sciences) called “The Activity of the Kremlin’s Sanitary Supervision Department during the Civil War”.

In 1918-1920 the population of the Kremlin was about 2000 people, the same number of people worked in the Kremlin, plus visitors from the front, delegates from the provinces, from Moscow itself, etc., in other words, it was riddled with people. Nobody observed any “social distance”, no one was running around in masks. We quote Kaikova (with references to archive documents):

“A historical reference prepared by Dr. Y.B. Levinson (December 1920) states that in early October 1918 an outpatient clinic began operating at the Central Executive Committee, which by the end of the year was transformed into a reception center. In October 1918, a 10-bed hospital was organized, and A.Y. Canel was appointed senior physician. Later, the emergency room was moved to a new building in the Kremlin and transferred to the Department of Affairs of the Council of People’s Commissars. During 1919, the number of beds gradually increased to 30. The Kremlin Hospital and the outpatient clinic were then organized on the basis of the reception room.

“During the period from March 8 to June 1, 1919, the Department of Sanitary Supervision of the Kremlin registered 70 diseases in the Kremlin – 62 typhus, 4 smallpox and one case each of relapsing typhus, scarlet, “Spanish flu” and tuberculosis, 72 diseases happened outside the Kremlin (in the houses of the Central Executive Committee), 69 of which were relapsing typhus”.

Enough about “Spanish flu”. We can only add that the inflation of the number of “Spanish flu” victims is not accidental and is indicative: the bourgeoisie has been playing with the idea of simulating epidemics of influenza all the way since the beginning of the 20th century. The disease is just ideal for covering up total fascist terror. Given the properties of such diseases, the sanitary standards can be safely violated and misinterpreted, they are contagious enough to imitate universal spread throughout the country and even the world and declare the victim anyone who died, even it was a violent death from a completely difference cause. A more detailed analysis of the quackery surrounding ‘Spanish flu’ is beyond the scope of this article.

As for the data on “Spanish flu”, it is clear that there is no reliable data on the development of the epidemic, all we know is that it has undergone through several inflations of the years. Thus, there’s no point processing it. It can lead to the same result as counting the area of a triangle with sides 8, 4 and 2 cm according to the Heron formula.

And it should be noted that the bourgeois quacks calling themselves statistics experts hesitate to show any specific “real” data (with references to the sources) on which they build their “models” or any specific calculations they used to predict the current outbreak of the mysterious coronavirus. And therefore, we must treat the words of Professor Bergstrom in the exact same way as Gref’s words about the calculations of “Sberbank analysts”: it’s just “one granny told me” and nothing more!

Summing up, we can safely say that there are no mathematical models for the development of “Covid-19 epidemic”, as there isn’t any initial data to build such models from – the way this data is collected does not withstand any criticism in any country in the world. There are no publications in Russia either. This means that the Russian authorities don’t have and never had any grounds for any “predictions”. And there is no reason to assess the current state as “alarming”: all danger parameters of this coronavirus are clearly below the corresponding influenza parameters, this fact is explained in the article “The great coronavirus hoax” and in other articles of Work Way cited above.

It appears that all “forecasts” are exclusively subjective opinions of those persons who voice them (or groups of persons interested in such forecasts). And these “forecasts” are absolutely ridiculous, especially considering the fact that the scale of the outbreak of this AVRI, if indeed it isn’t just a collection of viral cases lumped together and presented as having the same contagion, is less than the scale of regular seasonal AVRI epidemics in our country by 100-1000 times.

Therefore, all the hysterics of politicians around the Covid-19 outbreak resembles a situation when a barely visible scratch on someone’s pinkie is passed for a penetrating knife wound, with people running around conducting completely unnecessary and insane actions, while it would seem that it is enough to treat the wound with iodine or, at the very least, put a bandage on it, instead of screaming bloody murder and summoning all the best surgeons of the world, building a new hospital around the “injured person”, continuously monitoring his condition and announcing his vitals (temperature, pulse, respiration rate, chair, etc.). etc.) on television and radio, announcing the need for blood donations from the population, etc. In other words, engaging in complete insanity and imitating a medical process.

In the light of all this, on what basis have the “quarantine” measures been introduced, then, why have we been put on house arrest? On what grounds does the president speak about some possible “step-by-step easing” of these ridiculous measure in the uncertain future, emphasizing the word “step-by-step”? Why don’t we start talking about the immediate and complete removal of this completely self-contradictory, unsubstantiated, stupid “quarantine”?

The authorities everywhere should be asked this set of questions! On the street, in transport, in a store, in a circle of acquaintances, in a circle of strangers, in front of the policemen who stopped you, officials, bosses. Your life is at stake, dear comrades, your future. Do they matter to you? Are you really not sick of this? So let the authorities be responsible for their words and deeds!

Why the hell aren’t our children at school? Why the hell is our money spent on building some “Potemkin hospitals” (Translator’s note: a Potemkin village is any construction (literal or figurative) whose sole purpose is to provide an external façade to a country which is faring poorly, making people believe that the country is faring better. The term comes from stories of a fake portable village built solely to impress Empress Catherine II by her former lover Grigory Potemkin, during her journey to Crimea in 1787.). Why the hell the healthcare for the population has been limited? Why the hell are all public enterprises, all small businesses, all recreational facilities closed? Why the hell are there restrictions on movement around the country and within populated areas? What the hell are there restrictions on walking along the street, accessing the playground, etc.? Why the hell are people forced to wear masks at workplace? Why the hell are healthy people treated as lepers from the Middle Ages if they have been marked by unreliable testing as infected with ordinary AVRI? Why the hell are medics wearing anti-plague coats when coming to people with ARVI? Why the hell should a policeman wearing a muzzle mask be taken more seriously than if he was dressed as Santa Claus? Why the hell aren’t farmers allowed to go in the fields? Why the hell can’t we go to the woods, the countryside, go hiking, exercise at the stadium and the sports ground? Why the hell is it forbidden to meet in the company of friends, relatives, colleagues, like-minded people, etc.? Why the hell are children forbidden to engage in their afterschool activities, such as sports clubs, art classes, etc.? Why the hell shouldn’t we discuss the absurdity of these explicitly ridiculous quarantine measures? Where are sane and scientifically grounded sanitary and epidemiological explanations for all this available to any Russian???

O.Zotov, PhD in Mathematics

 Part 2

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