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On capitalist prosperity

polyp_cartoon_africa_unfair_trade_mining_minerals_goldOne of Work Way readers is asking: “According to a popular opinion, capitalism always makes the society thrive. Though Buzgalin, an economist, says that only 20% of all capitalist countries live in prosperity, while the rest are miserable”.

Indeed, the bourgeois propaganda is trying to convince the labor, overtly and covertly, that capitalism makes the society thrive. Only the majority of former Soviet republics, even if they ever shared this opinion, having previously believed the bourgeoisie, didn’t do it for long. They shared it right until the point they experienced capitalism firsthand and had the chance to compare the newly arrived bourgeois paradise with the lost socialist past. Among Russian citizens there aren’t a lot of people who think that “capitalism makes the society thrive”. The more time passes, the less people believe in that. It could not be any other way. Direct experience is the best teacher. Continue reading

Why paid cannot be better than free

20161017-Pay-for-Performance-and-Quality-of-Health-Care-Policy-Brief-Image-01-1024x683Another liberal myth which is widely spread in the Russian society is that strange conviction that only things that you pay for can be of good quality. That is, a truly good education can only be obtained through money, private healthcare is better than free healthcare etc., which brings us to the conclusion that if you pay enough money, you will get cured, and if you don’t – you will unavoidably get misdiagnosed and mistreated. The same thing goes for all other social benefits and even products – if you have to pay for it, they are by definition better. Continue reading

On the events in Belarus

belarus_2020Briefly about Work Way’s position on the events in Belarus from 9 to 24 of August,  2020

What is going on in Belarus is not a “maidan”, it’s a democratic revolution.

The main moving force of this revolution, its backbone, is the working class of Belarus.

Whether this democratic revolution will win or get defeated by the counter-revolution (presented by the yet not overthrown clan of oligarchs led by Lukashenko or presented by the so-called “opposition” reflecting the interests of other groups of the largest capitalist monopolies, including foreign ones), we do not know yet – it will depend on the ratio of the class power in Belarus, on the actions of the classes participating in the revolution, on the working class, on its awareness, cohesiveness and organization. Continue reading

What is a true opinion? How to tell a lie from the truth?

6f2aa5cd9ebc9409291c08674f6982ffAll too often in today’s discussions, whatever topics they touch upon, one may get confronted with the following categorical comeback: “It’s just my opinion!”. Normally, that is an argument which is made by one of the members of the discussion who has run out of other arguments that could prove them right. It roughly translates as: “Whatever you say to me, whatever proof and arguments you come up with, I will have the same opinion and none other, even if it is in fact false”. Naturally, continuing to argue with such an opponent is totally futile, since they are not interested in the Truth, they simply use arguments to impose their views, no matter true or false. Continue reading