Great October Celebration in the USSR. Newsreel Excerpts

There is a big date coming – 100th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution. But there will certainly be no official celebration on a nationwide scale, neither in Russia, nor abroad. This is not a holiday to make bourgeois authorities happy.

The Russian bourgeoisie has even taken pains to make November 7, 2017 a working day. Not to mention that for many years it has been trying to erase the memory of this great day from the consciousness of our people. It has even invented a special holiday for this – the day of some kind of unity, which, of course, has not become a national holiday, despite the heaps of days off to accompany it.

While not so long ago, the holiday of Great October was celebrated widely and on a large scale in our country. But it was in a completely different reality – in the socialist USSR, where there were no capitalists and where the working people were their own masters.

Excerpts from the USSR newsreels:

November, 7, 1919.

The first Red Army military parade. Lenin attended it.

November, 7, 1936

A military parade in the USSR. Spanish Republicans – participants and heroes of the war against fascism are present at the parade . The Kremlin chimes are playing “Internationale”.

November, 7, 1937

The military parade on Red Square in Moscow and a demonstration dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Great October Revolution. The speech by K.E. Voroshilov.

November, 7, 1941

From the parade directly to the front – with the enemy standing near Moscow.

The speech by Joseph Stalin at the military parade on November 7, 1941

November, 7, 1957

The military parade on Red Square in Moscow  and demonstrations on the 40th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution. The achievements of the USSR in the 40 years. A speech by N. Khrushchev.

November, 7, 1981

The military parade on Red Square in Moscow.

Demonstrations in Moscow, Leningrad, Kiev, Minsk, Tashkent, Alma-ata, Tbilisi, Vilnius, Kishinev. Interviews with Soviet workers.

This is what multimillion demonstrations of working people in the Soviet Union in honor of the Great October Revolution looked like, powerful and colorful.

Today we can only dream of such demonstrations. And it’s not even the case that they are utterly prohibited by the bourgeois government, fearing like the plague working people (especially organized) in the streets. The fact is that our working class itself is not yet ready for such demonstrations. But this readiness is just a matter of time. The entire development of capitalist society, and above all, the imperialist anti-people policy of the bourgeois government itself is what leads to it.

And therefore we believe that the most ambitious parades and demonstrations in honor of the Socialist Revolution, including the new Proletarian Revolution, not only the October 1917, are still ahead.



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