The governing crisis

fh0m1JQmgAMMarxist-Leninist Workers’ Movement (MLWM) “Work Way” has already repeatedly published analytics of the so-called “quarantine measures”, proving their complete inadequacy, and the fact that legally they are null and void. It should be noted that previously the Russian authorities hadn’t really pointed out any particular references to the legality of their actions, appealing mainly to the governmental and expert authority.

This time, however, the authorities decided to finally refer to the legality of their actions, namely, to the legality of the introduction of the so-called “mandatory mask-wearing” in a number of regions of the Russian Federation: indefinitely extended and mandatory for all wearing of medical masks in public places. This mandatory mask-wearing, because of its complete and obvious absurdity, caused confusion and mass disobedience among the country’s population (which was to be expected).

However, the authorities argue that non-compliance with this mandatory rule is illegal. That’s what it says on the website of The Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing, known as Rospotrebnadzor in Russia, in an article dated May 20, 2020.

Well, this is a serious claim, because it contradicts the fundamental teachings of medicine. It even contradicts the previous statements of the coronavirus scammers themselves. Here’s an excerpt from that article:

“In the current situation, characterized by the need to reduce, as much as possible, the risk of the spread of the novel coronavirus infection caused by 2019-nCoV, it is of great practical importance to systematically and comprehensively conduct sanitary and epidemiological (preventive) measures to stop the spread of COVID-2019, including such important preventive measure as wearing masks as a means of protection that provides a barrier for the infection”.

And why is it so important, this “preventive measure” – according to the federal service?

Let’s follow the link, which they offer themselves, to one of their earlier publications dated April 30, 2020. Here is what they say about some abstract “medical masks”, the government standard or labelling of which is not given (we preserve the original spelling):

“IMPORTANT! Masks are effective only in combination with other prevention methods (avoidance of contact, frequent hand washing, disinfection of objects), and the need to use them varies from group to group and in different situations.

Above all, masks are designed for those who are already sick: the mask traps most of the saliva of the coughing or sneezing person. In this way, far less viral particles get into the air and the risk of infecting others is reduced.

In addition, the mask should be worn by people who provide medical care to those who are sick and take care of them”.

Healthy people can use the mask when visiting public places, public transport, but the effectiveness of the mask in such situations has not been proven”.

Let us analyze this strange document. First of all, let us note that the authorities have listed only the most asocial and trivial (in the absence of signs of paranoia) measures to prevent ODS, as if there aren’t any measures that are far more important.

For example, the authorities somehow “forgot” that the main preventive measure against respiratory infections is taking steps to increase immunity, through healthy nutrition, plenty of fresh air, morning exercises, rubbing yourself with a cold towel, keeping to a work (study) and recreation regimen and other attributes of a healthy lifestyle. And a healthy lifestyle is simply inseparable from healthy social relationships (in the family, at work and during studying, in a circle of friends and associates, in the street, in public places, etc.), inseparable from the wholesome development of all and every member of the society, both intellectual and physical.

As for “avoidance of contact”, that only implies contact with sick people! Why avoid healthy people?

Furthermore, we see a contradiction between the establishment of mandatory wearing of abstract masks and the unproven effectiveness of wearing them in case of healthy people. In reality, the latter is an understatement. The ineffectiveness of wearing masks in case of healthy people is a long-proven fact. The wasn’t much to prove to begin with! Wearing masks doesn’t provide any protection, doesn’t bring any benefit to the skin and human health, but produces a strong antisocial effect. Work Way has talked about this in the article “On the ‘legality’ of quarantine and ‘mathematical modelling’ of infectious diseases. Part 2”.

Masks aren’t worn “just in case”, they are worn in strictly specific situations involving direct and very close contact with people suffering from infectious diseases, the kind of contact that goes beyond what we have with healthy people around us in everyday life. The procedure defining the goals and methods of collective protection against biological threats of the epidemic variety is described and regulated by Law 52-FZ “On Sanitary and Epidemiological Well-being of the Population”. The above-mentioned federal service does not give any reference to this law. Why would they, since if they did, they would have to refer to hygienic regulations, sanitary standards and other sanitary rules that are very clear regarding the application of this or that measure in order to combat a specific epidemic or outbreak of an infectious disease. And these rules, regulations and standards, as stated in this law, must be “established by research” and not pulled out of… thin air.

So now the above-mentioned federal service is appealing to the Law 68-FZ “On Protection of Population and Territories from Natural and Man-caused Emergency Situations“, which

“provides additional mandatory rules of conduct for citizens and organizations during introduction of high alert state”.

On April 1, 2020, a strange clarification was added to this law after the word “disaster” – “spread of a disease that poses a danger to others“, thus expanding the definition of an emergency situation:

An emergency situation is a situation on a certain territory resulting from an accident, a dangerous natural phenomenon, catastrophe, spread of a disease posing a danger to others, a natural or other disaster which may cause or have caused human casualties, damage to human health or the environment, considerable material losses and violation of people’s living conditions“.

But appealing to the 68th Federal Law is inappropriate. This law does give some power to the authorities, even though it isn’t really about that, but it does not prescribe any specific actions to suppress outbreaks of contagious diseases and does not repeal the regulations on anti-epidemic measures, fully specified in 52-FZ and its annexes. In any case, a fight against threats of the epidemiological variety has to be based on science. No powers of local or central authorities could cancel either the course of development of epidemic processes nor scientifically grounded rules of struggle against epidemics. Similarly, 68-FZ does not abolish the justice of the Pythagoras theorem in the area of emergency.

Besides, Law 68-FZ includes the DUTY of authorities to ensure timely and full provision of reliable information to the population about the existing threat and risks, and citizens have the right to DEMAND the provision of this information from the authorities. Otherwise, the law does not work. This is the alpha and omega of any collective protection from natural disasters.

What do we get instead? The authorities aren’t providing this information! Moreover, the authorities are deliberately misleading the population about epidemic threats.

For instance, how many of you heard about the inclusion of coronavirus infection (2019-nCoV) on the list of dangerous and socially significant diseases?

These diseases are plague, leprosy, HIV, cholera, hepatitis B and C, sexually transmitted infections, arthropod-footed viral fevers and viral hemorrhagic fevers, helminthiasis, diphtheria, malaria, sap and melioidosis, pediculosis, acariasis and other infectious diseases – and finally, tuberculosis.

And this inclusion took place as early as January 31, 2020 -the Government of the Russian Federation advised and on January 31 adopted the Resolution No. 66 “ON INTRODUCTION OF CHANGES IN THE LIST OF THREATS POSING DANGER TO PEOPLE“.

For 4 months now, a super-hazardous plague-like disease has been walking around the country, while the authorities are only talking about “some kind of weird ODS, about which little is known”. Neither the President nor other officials said anything about the Resolution No. 66, not a single time have they mentioned it. Is this timely informing? Why hasn’t this fact been distributed? Why weren’t any strict measures taken to isolate the country from the beginning – people would have probably treated the disease and quarantine measures quite differently. And after all this the authorities have the nerve to talk about administrative and criminal responsibility for failure to comply with the inherently harmful mandatory mask-wearing? Someone should go to jail for this criminal concealment of critical information!

But our readers mustn’t worry: just because some swindlers have declared the disease dangerous, doesn’t mean it is. Obviously, there are no scientific reasons for putting it on the list of lethal diseases, and there will be none, because a little something is already known about this “dangerous” infectious disease, namely: it really is just ordinary ODS, inferior to flu in all parameters of lethality and infectiousness. That’s what the public can find out from open and consistent sources and from the observable facts. And the season is long over – this is what the public knows from all the previous experience of human struggle against ODS. What we see now, in the period which has been declared high alert time by the authorities of the Russian Federation – are the usual off-season cases of ODS and related pneumonia, nothing special.

Thus, it wouldn’t be possible to incriminate authorities specifically for “concealing information about a particularly dangerous disease”. This, however, does not mean that the authorities are not deceiving the population. Because the information coming from the authorities is, shall we say, directly misleading. For example, they are saying:

“As of today, there are more than 290 000 infected people in Russia. 8 926 new cases in one day. 70 209 people have recovered. More than 7 million tests have been conducted”

But this is all deception and trickery. Those 290 000 are not sick with COVID-19. Way more than half of those who “tested positive” are completely healthy people who have simply been labelled as being infected with COVID-19 as a result of a pseudoscientific test. Practically none of them will fall ill with “COVID-19” in the observable future, for a very simple reason – they are not infected with it. So, by no means they can be called either “infected” or “recovering”. And if any of them ever catch this disease, the prognosis is extremely positive. It’s negative only in case of people for whom any other flu or ODS would have a negative prognosis.

Besides, 290 000 is the total amount of cases over the entire period. And not the period of epidemic, but the period of… testing. Pseudoscientific testing. The same goes for the 8926 “new cases” “in one day”. All you can say about those “cases” is that yet another 9k Russian citizens, along with the members of their families, have suffered a colossal loss of civil rights and freedoms.

And here’s more news:

“Due to the fall in coronavirus spread coefficient, 17 regions of Russia might start lifting restrictions”.

And further:

At the same time, public services that are in direct contact with the population are going to open, in accordance with the presidential decree and methodological recommendations of the chief medical officer, in three stages”.

The authorities claim that,

“…it is very important to observe the indicators that have been marked as criteria for the transition to a particular stage of lifting restrictions, so that afterwards there is no need to backtrack…”.

What are these mysterious three stages, where did they come from? Where did the Chief Sanitary Doctor take his “recommendations” from, where are the references to specific sanitary rules from Law 52-FZ? How is the mysterious “coronavirus spread coefficient” calculated, if it is not even diagnosed properly? What are those “indicators“, where is the full list of them? Why all of a sudden, while speaking about the fight against a contagious disease, doctors switched from the language of epidemic thresholds and tested sanitary standards, regulations and rules, which the population can actually understand, to some mumbo jumbo featuring “stages” of clearly inadequate “restrictions“? What exactly has changed and how much? Why aren’t they saying that the restrictions are BEING LIFTED, instead saying that they MIGHT BE LIFTED? What’s with all the manipulation? Where is the scientific substantiation for all this nonsense in detail? Not a single word about any of that, obviously.

The same goes for any piece of news about the coronavirus! Each one of them is just a bunch of nonsense and lack of substantiation. How do you like this sort of “provision of reliable information”, dear readers?

Meanwhile, according to Law 68-FZ, which the authorities are shielding themselves with:

Concealment, untimely submission of information or submission of deliberately false information by officials in the field of protection of population and territories from emergency situations entails responsibility in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation“.

Therefore, none of the appeals to Law 68-FZ and 52-FZ, attempted by the Russian government, would be appropriate here. We are clearly witnessing a simulation of an emergency situation or threat of its occurrence by the authorities, and that automatically puts the authorities outside their own law.

It is clear that the fascist authorities will not put themselves in prison. But they have already put themselves in a complete mess. All quarantine measures are legally null and void and are entirely unfounded. Including “mandatory mask-wearing” and “self-isolation” and other stupid orders. Any attempt by representatives of the authorities to proceed in their actions or inactions according to the introduced ‘quarantine measures’ means aiding the self-governance of top state and regional officials.

Abiding these measures is not just unnecessary for the population: except for the usual, trivial preventive measures performed in daily life, they are dangerous for life and health of the population and are imposed exclusively by state terror. Russian people don’t need any “expert” advice on how to properly sneeze, wash their hands and take care of the sick.

To sum up, there is evidently a crisis of governance. The government’s orders are not even based on its own legal framework anymore. And since these orders clearly threaten the life and health of the entire society, disobeying these orders on the part of the citizens and representatives of the state apparatus and law enforcement is not just already legally and morally justified, but has now become an element of necessary self-defense.


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