Mandatory masks on patients is sabotage, not “caring about people”

bringing-patients-back-to-the-doctors-office-after-covid-19Unfortunately, it is now safe to say that practically the entire “left-wing” movement of the Russian Federation has actively joined in on assisting the feigning of a “pandemic” of a scientifically undefined disease “COVID-19”, carried out by the authorities. By doing so, they completely exposed their imitative nature: in their rhetoric, lefties use “near-Marxist” terminology and oppose the authorities, but in practice, they fully support the fascist initiative of the authorities, discredit the proud ranks of Marxists and Communists, and undermine the very foundations of the revolutionary labor movement. The Tyumen-based (Translator’s note: Tyumen is a city in Western Siberia) interregional association “Molot” (“Hammer”) was no exception, working hard to spread the coronavirus lies.

The following publication under the rubric of “Our mail” appeared on “Molot”’s page on the Russian social network Vkontakte on July 15, 2020. It featured a complaint of one of their readers, concerning the difficulties experienced by the average resident of the Tyumen Region when applying for help in a medical facility. What kind of conclusion was drawn from this incident by the petty bourgeois leftists of “Molot”?

A downright social fascist conclusion:

“This shows that the capitalist healthcare system, not only in Russia, but also in other countries, cannot deal with the coronavirus pandemic. And all for the simple reason that instead of social security, all the money falls into the pockets of large monopolistic capital. The coronavirus is another confirmation of the inadequacy of capitalism and its antisocial nature”

In other words, the “argument” which is falling from their lips is the exact same one that the social fascist henchmen of the financial capital have prepared for the disorientation of the working masses in order to prevent them from self-organizing and standing united against the coming of fascism, which is using “coronavirus” as its new cover-up.

In their rhetoric, they criticize the capitalist healthcare system, but they don’t criticize it for faking an epidemic of an acute respiratory disease, only for “failing to deal” with it. In the month of July, for god’s sake! In other words, the members of “Molot”, like most of the other leftists, support the coronavirus lies, moving the indignation of Russian workers in a direction which suits the fascist authorities, meaning that they are in fact siding with the “pandemic” scammers, siding with the fascists, misleading the backward layers of the working masses.

Fortunately, not all readers of this “communist” Internet resource got tricked by the deceivers and serious criticism of the treacherous social fascist position of these opportunists unfolded in the comment section of this publication.

The social fascists were also supported by a state body. A certain Alexandra Malygina, an official representative of the press service of the Department of Health of the Tyumen region, left a comment in which she offered a “clarification” in regards to the patient’s complaint about his hardships, trying to convince the readers that “it’s not all that bad” and that the authorities are fully prepared to confront the horrible pandemic. To cut it short, the lying leftists are promoting the idea that the naughty bourgeois authorities are not coping too well with the pandemic, while the lying officials respond with the idea that everything is fine and they are coping perfectly well.

As we can see, in this symbiosis, which closely resembles your usual collaboration of thimble riggers, all the roles are clear. The key point is the idea that there really is a threat of invasion by some terrible virus! And it doesn’t matter what the discussion is really about: what matters is that it is being conducted in such a way which suggests that the long-exposed coronavirus pandemic nonsense indeed presents a challenge to humanity. As if the main issue really is whether the authorities will cope with this challenge or not.

This kind of cooperation between the leftists and the authorities is not new. Lefties play the role of the barker. They are chanting slogans such as “Powers-that-be, provide us with protection against the coronavirus!” This slogan, proposed back in February-March 2020 by the American Trotskyists, the “trend-setters” of the global “left-wing” movement (which is petty bourgeois through and through!), was enthusiastically picked up and replicated with amendments to local conditions by social fascists in all parts of our planet. Well, this has revealed their social fascist essence, and that even has a certain positive side to it from the point of view of the working class and other laborers. Through their cooperation with the fascist authorities in deceiving the public about the coronavirus, leftist groups and parties, regardless of their name, are rapidly losing the trust of the masses. The masses are beginning to turn to Marxism, to the materialistic, scientific analysis of reality.

This publication of “Molot”, who have revealed their true social fascist face, might not have been worth a serious discussion, but the comments clearly show how far ahead the “lefties” the working masses have gone in their understanding of the surrounding reality. And one of those comments deserves to be published in full. It was addressed to that cheeky liar from the press service of the Tyumen Region Health Department in response to her stupid statement that

“Patients must wear masks and keep a social distance”.

That phony, Alexandra Malygina, mentioned this requirement as an example of taking care of the patients in local medical facilities.

I hereby present to you the comment of one of “Molot” readers in full, because it concerns the extremely awful measure, imposed by the authorities in order to simulate the epidemic, namely the constant wearing of masks by all patients inside medical institutions and their compliance with “social distancing”:

“And why masks on patients? A surgical mask does not carry any protective functions, it is not designed for this purpose! It is a means for personal hygiene, basically, like a handkerchief or a napkin. And social distancing also provides no protection against the virus. You will not find anything in any epidemiology textbook about the benefits of “keeping 6 feet distance from others”. However, wearing masks and keeping distance have a strictly antisocial function. They create an atmosphere of anxiety, panic, fear, distrust, suspicion and paranoia in the society. Wearing masks “just in case” and social distancing have NO other function. So this “social distancing” can easily be called “ASOCIAL DISTANCING”. You deceive people, promote their separation, condone the faking of a false pandemic by the authorities! I understand when people are deceived by politicians – nobody believes them anyway. But you, people in white scrubs – shame on you. You can’t wash it away! You are DESTROYING THE SOCIETY.

But I’m not finished yet! A patient wearing a mask in hospital is pure nonsense. The mask hides the face of the patient, and most people do not come to the hospital or clinic for entertainment, they come there because of health problems. But how can the medical staff see that the patient’s lip, hidden under the mask, is shaking, that his lips are turning blue, that there is some suspicious rash around his mouth? Sometimes, a visitor of a medical facility is on the verge of a heart attack, loss of consciousness, etc. In addition, sometimes the doctor or the nurse may need to look into the patient’s mouth, you know? How can this be done with a mask on the patient’s face? And with the observance of the “social distance”?

The mask should ONLY be worn by the nursing staff and only in situations of providing direct medical care or during examination. Why? So that a random drop of saliva and other fluids doesn’t accidentally fall from the face of the healthcare worker onto the mucous membrane or in the open wound of the patient. Masks have NO OTHER purpose! Therefore, after close contact with the patient, the healthcare worker SHOULD TAKE OFF their mask and continue to communicate with the patient WITHOUT IT, for social reasons. Because that ensures a better understanding of the doctor’s information by the patient.

And if there is a really serious chance of getting infected with a dangerous disease, doctors will resort to more reliable protection measures: respirators and goggles, for example. Wearing what looks like plague gowns is just nonsense, pure showing off, creating unnecessary hype and paranoia, since the presence of an ultra-dangerous pathogen has not even been scientifically grounded. Scientifically grounded, you know? In addition, it should be understood that all this super protection GETS IN THE WAY of properly helping the patient. No one should ever wear any kind of protective equipment “just in case”: neither the masks, nor glasses, gloves, condoms, impermeable robes, etc.

I repeat: YOU ARE DECEIVING PEOPLE! THIS IS A CRIME! Imagine that you told a healthy person that he is terminally ill and his days are numbered. And that you force him to follow procedures that are inherently harmful for his health. Moreover, you do it with force when suddenly the person refuses to follow your instructions. And now multiply all this by one hundred and fifty million (Translator’s note: the approximate number of Russian citizens). And you will get the full picture”.

Well, this reader is absolutely right! Masks on patients means that the medical staff have washed their hands off the timely detection of symptoms that could be dangerous to the patients’ health. A patient can throw up right in the lobby or in the hallway of the clinic, for example, a pregnant lady – how will she do it with a mask on? The patient may suffer from acute attacks of suffocation, may have, as it was rightfully pointed out by the reader, rashes on the cheeks, nose and chin, sores, blood stains, skin irritation. His face may be distorted by pain, seizures, which may not be visible from under the mask. The list is endless – so much information can be picked up from the face of the patient, allowing to prevent a tragedy by detecting a threat at an early stage. And not only inside the medical office, but already at the entrance to the clinic, in its corridors and halls.

Often, the patient is not even aware that he is in danger, and now he is fenced off from full diagnostics right at the entrance. The patient’s face is an open book for the medical staff! The other open book is his hands, his wrists. And what did the authorities try to introduce in May and June? Let’s remind those who have a short memory: mass wearing of gloves, that is, something that you MUST NEVER do to people with health problems, ever!


In addition, people come to hospital for help, and this help should be provided in full. A person, a patient is not a container with five liters of blood, it’s never about a specific cut, a specific sore spot, a specific organ, it’s about the entire system, and this system also depends on social relations: a person loses their purpose when being shielded from the society or forced to perform antisocial actions, such as, for example, “social distancing”.

The latter is not an anti-virus measure, it is just as ridiculous as the other extreme – the total disregard for the personal space of other members of society. Concealing the face in public is just as socially ridiculous and offensive as exposing yourself in public. Humiliating patients, forcing them to perform asocial actions that don’t provide any therapeutic effect – these are all weights on the scales of their oppressed psychological state. Especially it depresses those patients (and such patients have long become the majority, and their relative share is growing every day), who actually realize the obvious absurdity, the meaningless formality of the hospital requirements. And that’s definitely not something that contributes to the patients’ recovery….


We can also emphasize that the user who left that comment gave a very important political assessment of the Russian Ministry of Health. Faking an epidemic of a dangerous disease is the direct deception of millions. It is a betrayal of the Hippocratic oath. It is an official crime on a grand scale.

And this crime is a rather conscious one! Why? Because what that commentator said is just basic knowledge that every nurse, not to mention doctors, must possess.

Do we hear at least one cry of protest from the nurses against these measures, which are imposed by the authorities? NO! So far, all these protests have been expressed in the form of quiet sabotage by the medical staff of the anti-medical requirements of the administrations of medical institutions. On the other hand, the protests of medical workers, concerning the lack of bonuses “promised” by the fraudsters of a larger caliber as a “thank you” for supporting the coronavirus scam in the medical field, are widely reported. Obviously, this is, to a large extent, done on purpose by the fascist propaganda, which silences the indignation of doctors and nurses in regards to the fascist, openly humiliating and inhumane measures of the authorities (which has to be there somewhere! otherwise, we have no real doctors and nurses left in our country) and focuses on the individual cases of indignation of backward doctors who would sell their mother for an extra penny.

The cherry on top is the rather frequent situation when the patient refuses to wear a mask or is hesitant to wear a mask at the entrance and the security guards and nurses immediately pounce on him with the demand to either immediately put on a mask or leave the medical facility, without receiving medical help.

This, alas, undermines the already poor reputation of medical workers among the population. In fact, this is what the authorities need, seeking to reduce healthcare costs to a minimum, to completely replace it with the imitation of healthcare and turn it into a punitive state body. And the medical workers, who are helping the authorities to deceive the people, do not understand that, above all, they are helping to deceive themselves!

Why? Because the reduction of healthcare costs is followed by… a reduction in the staff of medical workers, widespread cuts in their wages and social guarantees. And, as a result of these cuts and redundancies – hungry families of nurses and doctors and the inability of the population to get qualified medical care in case of illness, not to mention preventive measures in order to prevent a disease.

All of the above means that the only thing that can guarantee the presence of food on the table of the junior and medium medical workers is their mass sabotage of the “quarantine” measures, and better yet – sabotage plus explanatory work among the population, and still better yet – an overt action of medical personnel against the pseudoscientific, religious-like, anti-medicine requirements of the administrations of medical institutions, such as forcing patients to wear masks, social distancing and in general against the whole coronavirus scam of the fascist authorities.

This protest of medical workers will be supported by all workers of Russia! It is awaited like a breath of fresh air, by all sane people of our country without exception, which, undoubtedly, are the vast majority. The chances of success of this protest are simply colossal.

The most important thing is that this protest will be absolutely legal under the current legislation! Yes, don’t be surprised. All this “mandatory mask-wearing” and other “quarantine measures” are legally null and void.

Timiryazev I.E.

July 20, 2020

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