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On flu, acute respiratory infections and immunity

Before moving on to the main discussion, a clarification must be made. A recent Work Way article “On vaccinations” defines killed vaccines:

“Killed vaccines are obtained from pathogenic microbes by neutralising them with various chemicals (formalin, etc.), by heating them or by ultraviolet rays. Such are the killed vaccines against typhoid, cholera and tick-borne encephalitis”.

Here we need to make it clear that neutralising the germs in such vaccines does not mean that all the viruses in them die. Most often, vaccines are treated with formalin. But formalin does not completely kill viruses and bacteria, but biochemically binds them and makes them inactive.

Viruses and bacteria lose their vitality and ability to harm living beings under the influence of formalin, but remain alive. This situation is absolutely necessary because completely dead viruses and bacteria cannot create immunity in the human body. This is directly linked to the function of the immune system in humans and animals: only living viruses and bacteria can cause disease, which means that only living viruses and bacteria can be detected by the immune system and recognised as a threat to the body. Continue reading

On lethality of coronavirus

dfghExtremely high lethality rate due to complications associated with the viral respiratory infection COVID-19 is one of the main arguments coming from the coronavirus scammers today. In my “Great coronavirus hoax” article, I have shown that the World Health Organisation data on the viral respiratory infection COVID-19 are pointless. In this article, I want to clarify and develop this idea.

Let us see into the matter of how the concept of lethality is applicable to a viral respiratory infection. Is it scientific? To find this out, let us use the video of the academic council of the Far Eastern Federal University of Vladivostok from March 17, 2020. Continue reading

On fighting epidemics


The world surrounding humans is inhabited by a huge number of microscopic creatures called microbes. We constantly absorb thousands of microbes through the air, water and food. They live on the skin and inside the human body.

Certain types of microbes are beneficial. Such organisms are used in manufacturing. Other types of microbes cause various diseases. Such microbes are pathogenic, and diseases they cause are contagious.

Microbes include six types of entities. One of them are viruses. Continue reading

On legality of “quarantine” and on “mathematical modelling” of infectious diseases. Part 2

Flatten_the_curve1In the article “On legality of “quarantine” and “mathematical modelling” of infectious diseases”, published recently on Work Way’s website, we touched upon the issue of the groundless “quarantine measures” of the authorities, in particular, the nationwide house arrest, which the courtier press of the fascist-bourgeois authorities of Russia call “self-isolation”. By “groundless” we meant the absence of any official references to the epidemic thresholds for outbreaks of acute respiratory viral infections and influenza in the Russian Federation, and to hygienic standards, which are expressed in this or that measure imposed by the authorities when the above-mentioned thresholds get exceeded. Continue reading

Mandatory masks on patients is sabotage, not “caring about people”

bringing-patients-back-to-the-doctors-office-after-covid-19Unfortunately, it is now safe to say that practically the entire “left-wing” movement of the Russian Federation has actively joined in on assisting the feigning of a “pandemic” of a scientifically undefined disease “COVID-19”, carried out by the authorities. By doing so, they completely exposed their imitative nature: in their rhetoric, lefties use “near-Marxist” terminology and oppose the authorities, but in practice, they fully support the fascist initiative of the authorities, discredit the proud ranks of Marxists and Communists, and undermine the very foundations of the revolutionary labor movement. The Tyumen-based (Translator’s note: Tyumen is a city in Western Siberia) interregional association “Molot” (“Hammer”) was no exception, working hard to spread the coronavirus lies. Continue reading

The governing crisis

fh0m1JQmgAMMarxist-Leninist Workers’ Movement (MLWM) “Work Way” has already repeatedly published analytics of the so-called “quarantine measures”, proving their complete inadequacy, and the fact that legally they are null and void. It should be noted that previously the Russian authorities hadn’t really pointed out any particular references to the legality of their actions, appealing mainly to the governmental and expert authority.

This time, however, the authorities decided to finally refer to the legality of their actions, namely, to the legality of the introduction of the so-called “mandatory mask-wearing” in a number of regions of the Russian Federation: indefinitely extended and mandatory for all wearing of medical masks in public places. This mandatory mask-wearing, because of its complete and obvious absurdity, caused confusion and mass disobedience among the country’s population (which was to be expected). Continue reading

On standards of living under socialism and capitalism

KnHlwDiscussions dedicated to this topic are very popular in our society. But the opponents normally only talk about specific figures, discussing salaries, general earnings and expenses of the population, completely forgetting the main question – what the phrase “standard of living” actually means?

Contemporary dictionaries cannot properly explain this term, because, first of all, they separate it from such terms as “level of prosperity” and “quality of life”, creating unnecessary entities and not allowing to look at the issue in general, and secondly, they try to limit this concept with only talking about material wealth, largely ignoring the non-material side of things. Continue reading

On legality of “quarantine” and on “mathematical modelling” of infectious diseases

law-gavel-legal-halakha-croppedNot so long ago, on April 17, 2020, a reader’s letter called “Lawless and order” was published on our website. Noting the reader’s observation that the Russian authorities have imposed laws that seem to justify the restrictions of social activity of citizens and their basic rights and freedoms, and sharing his indignation, I would like, however, to complement and clarify some of his conclusions. Continue reading

Introduction of mandatory wearing of face masks is null and void

10090Contrary to the persistent “unwillingness” of COVID-19 disease to spread to a scale at least comparable to what is considered an epidemic in terms of evidence-based medicine, the authorities have taken another ridiculous step: a number of regions have introduced the so-called “mandatory mask wearing”. In this regard, the question of legitimacy of this “quarantine measure” immediately arises.

Many Russian citizens, fortunately, understand the absurdity of the current “quarantine measures”, including this one, and quite rightly consider this “measure” to be yet another act of public humiliation and robbery of all and everyone, which the authorities have been imposing on the population. Continue reading