«Освобожденные от коммунизма восточно-европейцы на улицах Лондона»

Британская полиция арестовывает бездомных восточных европейцев в Лондоне, которые, «освободившись от коммунизма», вынуждены теперь попрошайничать на чужбине.

The operation is aimed at combating the 'offensive consequences' caused by beggars harassing shopkeepers, local residents and tourists in hotspots such as Marble Arch (pictured) in London
A woman who has been sleeping rough at Marble Arch smokes a cigarette as police and immigration officers talk to her during a major round-up operation in parts of London
Moving on: Rough sleepers staying in an underpass at Marble Arch pack up their belongings after being approached by immigration officers and police during Operation Encompass this morning
Women sleep in makeshift beds along shop fronts using blankets, cardboard boxes and plastic bags as bedding. They were among many rough sleepers 'processed' by authorities this morning
The Office for National Statistics said 243,000 more people moved to the UK last year than departed ¿ an increase of 68,000 newcomers on the previous year
A female police officer stands guard as rough sleepers, camping out on makeshift beds next to a shop, are woken up and informed<br />
 about the round-up operation

 Подробнее прочитать можно здесь :   http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2737535/Police-immigration-officers-round-dozens-rough-sleepers-central-London-crackdown-offensive-begging.html

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